The following is the transcript for Girl Meets True Maya.

Interior, the bay window. Riley is sitting and brushing her hair.
 Riley [singing] 48, 49, 50! This is the song where I'm brushing my hair! [starts drumming with her hands] What's that? What's that? Do the other side? Okay! [resumes brushing hair as Maya climbs in. Maya grabs the brush and throws it out the window] Maya's back, and she's Maya again! And that is why I have extra brushes now! [Picks up new brush, but Maya throws that one out the window along with the basket of other brushes] And now they're gone!
Maya Okay, Rapunzel, I'm in a hurry to get to school.
Riley What? Maya wouldn't say that. 
Maya I've been held back by your goody moon-dust spell so long that [starts snapping her fingers] I haven't done any real damage to this high school situation at all.
Riley Okay, then let's discuss. What kind of damage we talking about? 
Maya Damage.
Riley I will allow you just enough freedom for one-
Maya No.
Riley -fun-sized Maya episode that-
Maya No.
Riley -gets my blood pumping just a little bit.
Maya No.  Ain't gonna cut it.
Riley Well, then I will allow one medium-sized Maya episode that allows me to go, "Heavens to Betsy, Maya, will you never learn?"
Maya Listen, Petunia, I've been living my life on Candy Cane Lane the past year and I am a pent-up, boiling cauldron of "I'm gonna do something!"
Riley I will allow you just enough freedom for one full-sized-
Maya Quiet! I run the show. You don't allow me, I allow you. You want the old Maya back? Mama gonna do a big bad thing.
Riley Well, I don't believe that you will. Because I only brought you back to exactly where I need you to be and I was very careful not to go too far. [Maya looks away] Right? Maya? [lightly punches her] Peaches! [Maya climbs out window and Riley resumes singing and drumming] Oh no! Mama gonna do a big bad thing.
Title sequence.
Interior, Abigail Adams High School history class. "Pompeii" is written on the board.
Cory  Pompeii. Lucas!
Lucas You mean Farkle?
Cory I mean Lucas.
Lucas Oh. 
Cory I wanna see what you know.
Lucas Okay. Here's what I know. [hits Farkle] Farkle!
Farkle Why thank you! Pompeii was an ancient village in Italy located near the beauty and culture of Naples. It was a resort town where the wealthy would go to soak up the sun. 
Lucas It was like the Hawai'i of Italy.
Cory Thanks, Lucas.
Lucas Call on me anytime.
Riley [to Maya] Pompeii sounds so beautiful Maya. We should go there. We should go there and be calm.
Cory Let me tell you about a whole city that became very calm, very quick. Now, who here knows about Mount Vesuvius.
Maya Mount Vesuvius was a pent-up, boiling cauldron of "I wanna do something."
Cory Vesuvius sat quiet for a long time. But then, it did what volcanoes in time must do. It 'sploded!
Riley Why does a volcano have to 'splode?
Cory Because if it doesn't, it'll just blow up worse later. Vesuvius wiped out the entire population of Pompeii. It was one of the greatest natural disasters the world had ever known. 
Riley [turning quickly to Maya] Okay, then do it right now! Do what you need to do to be Maya. But please don't wipe us all out, Peaches. [the fire alarm suddenly goes off, and Riley smiles] That's it! Oh, a fire alarm! Ooh, you sassy troublemaker! [gasps and stands up] Fire alarm, everybody! Yeah! This is bananas. 
Maya Your blood pumping?
Riley Oh, it's so pumping!
Maya Good. I didn't do it.
Riley Yes, you did! Okay, single file, everybody! [everyone gets up] Choo-choo! Everybody find a safety buddy! [grabs Maya's hand] My safety buddy is Maya. She exploded, and now she's tired.
Maya Um, I didn't do it.
Riley Yes, you did. But you can't do anything more for 3000 years. 
Intercom Hello, students. Sorry about that. A little glitch in the system. [alarm stops] False alarm. Our mistake. Back to work.
Riley You didn't do it, Maya the Volcano?
Maya No explodey.
RIley Do you need a nappy?
Maya Wide awakey.
Riley Oh, you're gonna wipe out the whole village, ain't ya?
Maya And the neighboring towns.
Interior, Matthews apartment. Topanga is sitting on the couch when Auggie walks in with Dewey, who is hyperventilating.
Topanga Doy! Slow down, honey, breathe. 
Dewey [breathing slows down] Okay. 
Topanga What happened?
Dewey I am a bad Doy!
Topanga What do you mean?
Dewey I'm a bad Doy.
Topanga Did you hurt someone?
Dewey I'm not a monster.
Topanga Okay, of course not. 
Dewey I ate candy.
Topanga Oh. Okay, well, it's just... not that big of a deal... I actually snuck some chocolate an hour ago.
Dewey Every day for a year.
Topanga I know. Oh. We're back to you now. Okay, yeah, that is a lot of candy. Maybe you should cut back.
Dewey And I stoled it!
Auggie He didn't know, Mom. He's been going into Klawicki's candy store, but he didn't know you had to pay for it. 
Dewey I just didn't know.
Topanga [picking up Dewey] Okay, you know, Doy, this is actually a good thing. It means that you have a conscience. 
Dewey What's that?
Topanga It means when you do something wrong, you feel bad.
Dewey How do I get rid of it?
Auggie You're stuck your whole life.
Topanga [laughing] I'm going to take you back to Mr. Klawicki's, and you are going to tell him the truth, and then, you're gonna feel better because you did.
Dewey [getting up] Great! While we're there, we'll take some candy! It's free!
Topanga [to herself] Oh Doy!
 Interior, Topanga's. The gang is sitting at their usual table.
Riley Explode! If you're going to explode, explode! Just do it! I can't wait! Explode! [Farkle starts shaking and making rumbling noises like a volcano]
Maya What are you doing?
Lucas [in terrible British accent] Mount Farkle-uvius has awoken in all its bubbling glory!
Farkle What is that?
Lucas That's my fancy British guy, Mortimer.
Farkle It sounds like you're eating meatloaf.
Lucas [as Mortimer] Meatloaf!
Farkle Okay, Thing Number 211 He Can't Do: Accents.
Riley Oh, but it's so charming when he can't do things.
Farkle He's a face! He's just a face! What's the matter with you? 
Lucas [as Mortimer] Mount Farkle-uvius sends two billion tons of burning lava straight into the air! [Farkle makes an explosion noise and puts his arms above his head] And right back down on his head. 
Farkle [as Riley laughs] Why?
Lucas [as Mortimer] Because you insulted Mortimer!
Farkle What's his last name?
Lucas [as Mortimer] Twiggle-bottom Smythe! [Riley laughs harder]
Farkle Okay, fine, I'll do it. [makes explosion noises and brings his hands down on his face, then freezes in an awkward position]
Lucas Maya, what's going on with you?
Maya [shrugs and gets up]  It's like I don't have a role here anymore. Riley the Sweet, Farkle the Genius, and Lucas the Good.
Lucas [groans] I thought that was gone.
Maya It's not gone. I'm gone. I'm the one that's gone.
Lucas [getting up and walking to Maya] Maya, I've been down this road. Forget it! I missed a whole year of school because I thought I had to be something that doesn't get you anywhere.
Maya Yeah, and now you say "please", and "thank you", and what does that get you?

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