The following is the transcript for Girl Meets World: Of Terror.

Interior. The Matthews' House. Auggie's bedroom. Scary-sounding music plays in the background as a tiny casket opens up, revealing Auggie.
Auggie: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my Halloween Scary-Time Theater. My name is Auggie, and I'll be your ghost. Tonight, three tingling tales of terror all about fear! What are you afraid of? Hmm?!
Topanga: (enters; turns on light) Auggie, dinner.
Auggie: I'm talking to the people, Mommy.
Topanga: I'm sure you are, but it's time for dinner.
Auggie: Say hello to them.
Topanga: (turns to face camera and waves) How you doing?
Auggie: For real?
Topanga: (again faces camera and waves) How you doing for real? (to Auggie) Okay, finish talking to your friends and get out of that weird-shaped toy chest. Where did you get that?
Auggie: You don't "vant" to know! Say bye-bye to the people.
Topanga: (faces camera and waves) Bye-bye.
Auggie: Mean it.
Topanga: (to Auggie) Come to dinner... (emphatically) I mean it. (leaves room)
Auggie: That was scary. Do you know Farkle? Do you know what scares him? His fear is the same size... (picks up a softball) as a softball. And you know what goes with a softball, don't you? A bat! (evil laugh; vanishes and laughs again)
Theme song.
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Mr. Matthews' History Classroom. Farkle is clutching onto Cory's desk while Cory grabs hold of him.
Farkle: No no no no no!
Cory: Let go, Farkle. It's only gym class.
Farkle: They throw things at me!
Cory: Who?
Farkle: Maya! (sound of crashing thunder)
Maya: I'm the pitcher.
Farkle: They make me stand there in front of everybody!
Riley: He's the batter.
Farkle: There's a guy behind me in a mask!
Lucas: That'd be the catcher, sir.
Farkle: And then somebody screams.
Cory: That's the umpire.
Farkle: No, that's me.
Cory: I'm still not gonna write you a note for gym class, Farkle. It's softball. What could possibly go wrong in softball? (thunder crashes while scary music plays in background)
Farkle: (seen holding on to Cory a la piggyback)
Cory: Get off.
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Gymnasium.
Coach Gleason: Batter up!
Farkle: It's raining outside. Why are we playing softball inside? We should be playing dodgeball. No, wait! What am I talking about? We should be square dancing. Yeah! We should be swinging our partner!
Coach Gleason: You should be swinging your bat, Farkle. Get in there! What are you afraid of?
Farkle: (whispers) I'm afraid of getting hit by the ball, coach.
Coach Gleason: (loudly) You're afraid of getting hit by the ball?
Farkle: I'm also afraid of public humiliation.
Coach Gleason: (loudly) You're afraid of public humiliation? Quit your bellyaching. She throws straight as a rope.
Maya: (hurls softball to catcher so fast, it sounded like thunder)
Riley: (sings) Check, check, check her out. Check our little pitcher out!
Maya: Riles?
Riley: All right. Third base. I'm ready. (asks about her glove) What hand does this thing go on?
Maya: You know what hand it goes... (Lucas goes to Riley and helps) Oh...
Riley: Thanks.
Lucas: Yeah, okay.
Riley: (slaps Lucas from behind with her glove) Yeah, I did that.
Farkle: (to Coach Gleason) Why do I have to be up?
Coach Gleason: Why does anybody have to be up, Farkle? Why does anybody have to be anything? Why do I have to be a gym teacher? I could be a ballerina! (twirls like a ballerina) Doo, doo, doo! Doo, doo, doo! Don't work, do it? Know why? 'Cause I'm a gym teacher and you're up!
Farkle: (gets at bat and grunts as Maya starts to throw)
Maya: (throws ball which hits the edge of Farkle's bat as he poses) Wait, can he do that?
Coach Gleason: He's in the batter's box. Ball one!
Farkle: (screams as Maya throws again)
Coach Gleason: Ball two!
Lucas: He's rattling my pitcher, Coach. He's doing it on purpose. He's an evil, genius mastermind.
Coach Gleason: Yeah? (looks at Farkle's pose) I don't think he is.
Maya: (about to throw another pitch as the lights in the gymnasium suddenly turn dark)
Farkle: Aww, too bad. Darn. Heck. See you in science, suckas. And let me tell you something, Maya, you ain't all that. I would've hit the next one right out of the pa- (lights suddenly turn back on) You look pretty.
Maya: Move.
Farkle: I'm good right here. (standing face-to-face with Maya)
Coach Gleason: You wanna spend the rest of your life scared?
Farkle: I was planning on it, sir.
Coach Gleason: Get in the box, Farkle.
Farkle: (goes back to batter's box about to face another pitch from Maya)
Lucas: Time out. (goes to Maya) All right, you're done, Maya.
Maya: What?
Lucas: I'm taking you out.
Maya: You're not my type.
Lucas: (sighs) I'm taking you out of the game.
Maya: What?!
Riley: (sings) Maya, Maya, say goodbye-a!
Maya: Riley!
Riley: Yes?
Maya: (to Lucas) What do you think you're doing?
Lucas: You haven't thrown a strike. I think Farkle's in your head, kid.
Maya: But he's all "Wah! Wah! Flah!"
Lucas: I know how to pitch to him, Maya. I know what to do. Take shortstop. (Maya gives the ball to Lucas)
Farkle: Okay, Lucas, nice and slow, okay?
Lucas: Yeah. How's this for slow? (throws hard at Farkle in slow motion)
Farkle: (in slo-mo) Why...?
Lucas: (goes to Farkle) Hey.
Farkle: You did that on purpose.
Lucas: Yeah, I did.
Farkle: Why would you do that?
Lucas: I did it for you, Farkle.
Farkle: You threw that as hard as you could?
Lucas: Pretty much. How do you feel?
Farkle: I'm... fine. (chuckles) Doesn't even hurt, really.
Lucas: Right.
Farkle: Huh. Thanks a lot.
Lucas: Anytime. Trick or treat Tonight?
Farkle: Absolutely.
Coach Gleason: You got hit. Get to take your base, Farkle.
Farkle: Don't want it, coach. (points to Maya) You. Bring it.
Maya: (gets ball back from Lucas as dramatic music plays in background)
Riley: (sings) Farkle, Farkle, gonna sparkle!
Maya: (throws a pitch as the screen goes dark; a ding of Farkle's bat is heard)
Lucas: Yeah!
Farkle: Whoo!
Interior. The Matthews' House. Auggie's bedroom. A silhouette of Auggie - a la Alfred Hitchcock - is shown and Auggie makes a Hitchcock-like entrance.
Auggie: (pats stomach) Too much candy. Here's what we learned so far: This... (displaying the softball from earlier) not so scary after all.
Topanga: (enters and catches Auggie's softball) Here's what we've learned so far: When Mommy says, "Come to dinner," we come to dinner (notices Auggie's suit and tie attire) You got dressed up. Looking good. (picks up Auggie and carries him to the dinner table)
Auggie: And now our next tale of terror, Riley's really scared to sleep over at Maya's house... for Halloween. Mwa-ha-ha-ha... Ha!
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Farkle is being carried by Lucas as the students cheer.
Farkle: Whoo! Thank you, Farkle Nation!
Riley: (to Maya) So, Halloween sleepover at my house to do candy trades?
Maya: Yeah, except... why don't we do it at my house? (scary music plays in the background)
Riley: (screams after seeing a locker door open with a scary mask)
Coach Gleason: (shown wearing a tutu) Doo, doo, doo!
Riley: (screams after seeing a disturbing shadow of Cory)
Cory: Yeah, why don't you sleep at Maya's this year?
Riley: (scoffs) Because we've already agreed to have it in my room every single year forever.
Maya: Why are you so afraid to sleep over at my house?
Riley: I'm not.
Maya: You've never made it through a whole night there.
Riley: Tell her that's not true, Dad.
Cory: I can't, Honey. I'm the one that has to get up in the middle of the night and get you when you secretly call me.
Maya: I wake up every morning and you're not there. It makes me feel bad.
Riley: I would never make you feel bad.
Maya: Then I want you to stay one night... all night... Tonight. (scary music plays)
Coach Gleason: (again in tutu) Doo, doo, doo!
Cory: (hands bag to Riley) Riley, get over this fear.
Riley: Because you want me to grow out of this?
Cory: Because I want to sleep.
Riley: Could you at least drive me there?
Cory: To Maya's House of Horrors? (scary music plays again with sound of thunder)
Riley: Funny, Dad. (notices Cory is not around) Dad?
Maya: Let's go.
Interior. Maya's Bedroom. Riley is seen curled up in one of the corners.
Maya: All right. How's it going so far?
Riley: It's good. I'm good. A little bit noisy.
Maya: Different part of town.
Riley: (sighs, then looks at Maya's window) What's that? What's that? What's that?
Maya: That's Ginger.
Riley: Hi, Ginger. I'm Riley.
Ginger: (hisses)
Riley: I don't know how to tell you this, but your new cat's possessed.
Maya: It's a ferret.
Riley: I don't know how to tell you this, but your new cat's a ferret. (puts Ginger on Maya's bed) Here you are, Ginger.
Maya: I wouldn't do that.
Riley: Does he let you know when he needs to pee?
Maya: That's why I wouldn't do that.
Riley: Oh, I get it now.
Maya: (picks up Ginger who peed on Riley's pillow) Okay, bye-bye, Ginger.
Riley: (switches pillows when Maya isn't looking)
Maya: Okay, Riley, I'm gonna turn off the lights now.
Riley: No! I don't like it completely dark. I like it just a little bit light.
Maya: No problem. Watch. (turns off lights)
Riley: (sees the red light on Maya's wall with a bunny silhouette) Aww, baby bunny. (sees a bigger bunny silhouette) Baby bunny growing. (then sees what appears to be a ghost silhouette) Maya!
Maya: Come here. (directs Riley to her window) They opened a new bunny mart across the street.
Riley: Oh.
Maya: All you're seeing is the shadows of the neon sign where the little bunny gets bigger and bigger.
Riley: Oh.
Maya: Can we go to sleep now?
Riley: Yeah. It's just shadows. Shadows can't hurt me. Your house is nice and I am safe. (gets into bed with Maya and removes her pillow) I'ma be okay. I'ma be okay, I'ma be okay. (sees a shadow moving) Something else is here, something else is here. Goodbye, Riley, Goodbye, Riley. Goodbye, Riley, it's gonna eat me now. (looks at an elderly lady and screams) Maya!
Gammy Hart: No, it's me, Gammy. Come on, give me a hug.
Riley: Hi, Gammy Hart. How have you been?
Gammy Hart: Well, I'm still kicking, Ri-Ri. The old Grim Reaper has gotta move a lot faster to catch up with me. (laughs) Yeah. (sees a silhouette of the reaper moving) Not Today, Sammy. (the reaper moves away; she laughs)
Riley: Maybe if I didn't see the shadows, I could actually go to sleep.
Maya: Fine. Anything to get you to sleep. (goes to cover the bedroom window)
Riley: You know, Maya, if it would be easier for you, I could always call my father and- (calls Cory) Save me, Daddy. She has scary bunnies.
Maya: (takes away Riley's phone) No. You're gonna make it through the night, you're gonna stay at my house and you're gonna be comfortable.
Riley: I don't understand, because I really like it during the day.
Maya: So as long as this curtain is up...
Riley: I'm gonna be okay. I promise.
Maya: Good.
Riley: Just shadows. Shadows are just shadows. They can't hurt me. No problem at all.
Maya: (sees scary shadows through the curtain on her window and screams)
Riley: Okay:
Riley and Maya: (both scream)
Maya: (removes the curtain and sees two monsters)
Lucas and Farkle: Boo!
Riley and Maya: (both scream)
Farkle: Ladies.
Riley and Maya: Farkle!
Lucas and Farkle: (remove scary masks)
Lucas: Trick or treat.
Farkle: Why are you screaming? You scared us.
Maya: What are you guys doing here?
Lucas: We were passing by on our way home. We thought we'd say hi.
Riley: In the middle of the night?
Lucas: It's a quarter after 7:00.
Riley: (sighs) Then why'd you have me go to sleep, Maya?
Maya: Trying to put myself out of my misery.
Lucas: What are you scared of Riley? It's great out here.
Farkle: There's nothing to be scared of.
Gammy Hart: (opens door) I hear boys. You got boys in here?
Maya: They're outside.
Gammy Hart: Oh. Oh, hiya, boys! (laughs)
Farkle: Scary old lady.
Gammy Hart: Farkle. Oh. (chuckles)
Farkle: Come on, Lucas. Wanna learn how to attract older ladies?
Lucas: No. (he and Farkle leave)
Riley: Bye, guys.
Maya: See you.
Riley: (sighs) You know what?
Maya: What?
Riley: You don't actually need to cover the window.
Maya: Why not?
Riley: I was actually scared of Farkle until he took his mask off. And when he did, it was just Farkle.
Maya: Yeah. Farkle's not scary at all.
Riley: No, and neither is your neighborhood. Once you take its mask off. (Riley and Maya look out the window)
Maya: It's actually kind of pretty. I never noticed that before.
Riley: Yeah. I like your house, Maya.
Maya: Thank you, Riley. That makes me happy.
Riley: (chuckles) Good.
Maya: So you wanna go to sleep now?
Riley: In a little bit. You mind if we stay up awhile?
Maya: Why? Are you still a little bit scared?
Riley: Not anymore. I just wanna see what happens next.
Interior. The Matthews' House. Auggie's bedroom. Auggie is now shown in his pajamas
Auggie: Riley is still at Maya's house. But meanwhile, over here, it's time for our creepiest, scariest story yet, because this story's about...
Topanga: (is in Auggie's bed with Cory, shuts book) Bedtime.
Auggie: Can I sleep with you guys?
Cory: Nope.
Topanga: We've decided it's time for you to learn to sleep all by yourself.
Auggie: This story's about... (emphatically) Me.
Topanga: Good night.
Cory: Good night.
Auggie: (hears creaking noises) Mommy!
Topanga: Yes?
Auggie: You're not gonna eat my Halloween candy, are you?
Topanga: (chewing on candy) Why would I do that?
Auggie: Maybe I should stay up with you to make sure.
Topanga: You've gotta grow out of this phase, Bud. I love you... and your Halloween candy is in a very good place. (puts another piece of candy in her mouth and closes door)
Auggie: (sings) I'm fine. I'm gonna be okay. I'm gonna be okay. (hears creaking and growling) Daddy!
Cory: Hello.
Auggie: There's a monster under my bed.
Cory: A monster?! Let's see here. (looks under Auggie's bed) No, no monsters here, just a lot of toys. (lifts Auggie) Come here, Bud. Let's get you into bed, okay? Come on, here we go. (lays Auggie down) There. Perfect. Guess what. (picks up Mr. Googly) Here's Mr. Googly. Okay? Good night, Bud. (kisses Auggie on forehead and leaves)
Auggie: Goodbye. (Cory turns off light) Great. All right, Mr. Googly, I'm counting on you. You tell any monsters under my bed to go away! (drops Mr. Googly only to be picked up by the monster under his bed) Hey! (tries to pick up Mr. Googly but finds something else) What the...? You give me back Mr. Googly!
Monster: You give me back Mr. Blobbity.
Auggie: I need to see that Mr. Googly's okay. (the monster shows Auggie Mr. Googly, then pulls him away) Okay, here we go. (gives Mr. Blobbity to the monster under his bed and Auggie gets back Mr. Googly) Oh, Mr. Googly, I missed you. Are you okay? Did he hurt you?
Monster: Oh, Mr. Blobbity, I missed you. Are you okay? Did he hurt you?
Auggie: I would never hurt anybody.
Monster: Neither would I hurt anybody.
Auggie: Then why are you scaring me?
Monster: No, you're scaring me!
Auggie: No, you're scaring me!
Monster: No, you're scaring me!
Auggie: No, you're scaring me!
Monster: No, you are!
Auggie: No, you are! (checks in under his bed and finds the monster) You okay?
Monster: I'm very scared.
Auggie: But you're the monster under the bed.
Monster: You're the monster over the bed.
Auggie: I'm Auggie.
Monster: I'm Simon P. Littleboyeater.
Auggie: That's not good.
Monster: You can call me Simon. Hello!
Auggie: Mommy!
Monster: Mommy!
Topanga: (enters with Cory) What's wrong?
Auggie: (whispers) Daddy, Monster. Monster.
Cory: (whispers) Under the bed? Okay. (looks underneath) Auggie, there's nothing there. I promise. There's nothing under the bed.
Auggie: But he was.
Topanga: Honey, look how tight we're gonna tuck you in, okay?
Cory: Yeah, this is our best monster-proof tuck job.
Topanga: Absolutely. No monsters are getting in there, boy.
Cory: I wouldn't think so.
Topanga: Good night. Love you.
Cory: Good night.
Auggie: (sighs)
Monster: (sighs)
Auggie: Mr. Littleboyeater?
Monster: Yes?
Auggie: You can't just go around living under people's beds.
Monster: Excuse me?! That's my home.
Auggie: How long have you been there?
Monster: Every night.
Auggie: I knew it!
Monster: Yeah, you were right.
Auggie: So, why can't I ever see you?
Monster: Because I'm really good at what I do. (growls)
Auggie: (laughs) So why can I see you now?
Monster: Because I wanna say goodbye.
Auggie: You're leaving? But why?
Monster: Are you scared of me anymore?
Auggie: No, you're my friend now.
Monster: I'm not allowed to have friends.
Auggie: Why not?
Monster: Because I'm a monster. (shows Auggie some cases of previously missing stuff)
Auggie: What's this?
Monster: All the stuff you thought you lost.
Auggie: You're playing with them?
Monster: During the day while you're at school.
Auggie: I want you to have 'em.
Monster: Really? Thanks!
Auggie: But why do you have to go now?
Monster: Because, you're a little boy, and you know what happens to little boys?
Auggie: What?
Monster: They grow up!
Auggie: Hey, Monster.
Monster: Yes?
Auggie: (makes gurgling noises)
Monster: Pretty good.
Cory: (enters with Topanga) You okay, Auggie?
Auggie: We're fine.
Monster: Remember me. (leaves room)
Topanga: Not scared anymore, Auggie?
Auggie: No, nothing to be scared of at all. Good night.
Topanga: Good night.
Cory: Good night. (closes door)
Auggie: (to audience) Good night.
Interior. The Matthews' House. Auggie's bedroom.
Auggie: Thank you for being with me Tonight. I hope all of you who are afraid of something have learned that sometimes things are not as scary as they seem. Halloween only comes once a year. Maybe next year I'll spend it at your house. (removes face to reveal that the monster is wearing an Auggie mask)
Monster: Trick or treat!

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