The following is the transcript for Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2.

Interior. The Matthews' House. Auggie and Dewey (a.k.a. Doy) are dressed as the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion, respectively.
Auggie: (narrates) Hi. Welcome back to another year of spine-tingling terror.
Dewey: You said, "no terror."
Auggie: But Doy, it's our Halloween Scary Time Theater.
Dewey: I don't want it to be called that.
Auggie: Well, what do you want it to be called?
Dewey: "Doy Story."
Topanga: That movie isn't actually called "Doy Story". It's called--
Dewey: (cries screaming)
Topanga: Okay.
Auggie: I'm the scarecrow from "The Wizard Of Oz."
Dewey: I'm the Cowardoy Lion.
Topanga: Oh, come on. (door knocks)
Auggie: We're also expecting one more person from the Land of Oz.
Topanga: (opens door to reveal Ava dressed as the Good Witch; laughs) Yeah, nobody's buying that for a second.
Ava: Where's your broom, Topy?
Topanga: (slams door; Ava knocks and she opens door again; this time, Ava is the Wicked Witch) There you are.
Ava: Hello, my boys. Okay, so we're hosting this thing? Where are the people?
Auggie: (points in direction of camera) They're watching us from right out there.
Ava: (waves) Hi. I'm not actually like this. They just write me this way. In real life, I'm a sweet little girl just trying to get by. Curtsy to fool them. (does so)
Auggie: Ava...
Ava: Did I read the stage directions out loud again?
Auggie: All the time.
Ava: (puts hand on forehead) Ugh! She says, frustrated.
Auggie: Tonight's first tale of terror is about my sister's favorite place in the world. Her bay window.
Dewey: That doesn't sound scary.
Auggie: It's haunted.
Dewey: Oh, no!
Auggie: Let's go see the scary, horrible ghost. (Auggie and Ava depart)
Dewey: I'll stay right here where it's safe. (Topanga comes over to give Dewey a hug but he screams)
Interior. Riley's Bedroom. Maya and Riley are at the bay window dressed up as flappers from the 1920s.
Maya: What are these costumes again?
Riley: We're flappers.
Maya: Why?
Riley: Well, I was lying in my bed last night thinking about what we could be when I heard a voice in my head that said--
Ghost: You should be flappers.
Riley: So, I said to the voice in my head, "What are flappers?" and then the voice said--
Ghost: We were jazz babies.
Riley: Jazz babies!
Maya: Uh, Ri-- Riley...
Riley: I want to be a jazz baby.
Maya: I can hear the voice in your head!
Riley: This takes our friendship to a new level.
Ghost: (appears) I lived in the 1920's. Jazz babies were fun-loving, dance-all-night gals with a song in our heart and taps on our toes.
Riley: She is just a cutie pie, Maya. I want to hug her.
Maya: She's a 100-year-old dead ghost lady.
Riley: So scream?
Maya: Big one!
Ghost: Yeah, get the scream out of the way so we can be chums.
Riley: Chums. I don't even feel like screaming at her anymore.
Ghost: (pulls her head off her body) How about now?
Maya: Yeah, now's good.
Maya and Riley: (both scream)
Riley: Now chums?
Maya: Sure. Nice job.
Riley: Very ghosty.
Ghost: Thanks.
Theme song.
Interior. The Matthews' House. Riley's Bedroom.
Ghost: (in spooky voice) I am the ghost of the bay window.
Maya: (chuckles) It's okay, Honey. You can take it down a notch.
Riley: Yeah, ya ain't gonna beat the head thing.
Ghost: (in normal voice) You didn't like my spooky voice?
Riley: (in spooky voice) It was a little big.
Ghost: (cries)
Riley: Oh, no. Maya, I upset the ghost.
Ghost: It's the first thing anybody's said to me in 100 years, and it was kinda mean.
Maya: Yeah (points to Riley), she's the mean one of us.
Riley: No, I'm sorry. You were just-- you're the best ghost ever.
Ghost: You mean that? Because I really like you guys.
Riley: You do?
Ghost: I've been watching you in this window since you were very little girls.
Riley: That's crazy. We would have known you were here.
Maya: Yeah. Prove it.
Ghost: (goes from the right side of the window to the left side in a split second; says to Maya) She's not the mean one. (points to Maya)
Maya: She was here!
Riley: You know me.
Ghost: (goes back to the right side) My best fwend is tough and cool. I'm scawed of evwything. I wanna do evwything wif you.
Riley: Oh, my gosh, Maya. She's been watching us for weeks.
Ghost: You're becoming wonderful young adults.
Riley: Thank you, Ghosty. Is that why this window is so powerful in our lives?
Maya: Because you've been here watching us?
Ghost: (now goes to the bedroom door) I used to live in this house. This was my bedroom. I planned my capers here, I hatched my schemes.
Riley: We do that.
Maya: I hatch.
Riley: I scheme.
Maya: But, it's more than that.
Riley: This place...
Maya: It has, like...
Riley: A spirit.
Ghost: (now goes back to the right side) I promised I would never leave until somebody else finally realized how wonderful it was to sit in this window and laugh and cry and dance.
Riley: Well, then you're free to go out in the world because that's all we do.
Maya: Bye-bye. Don't forget your head.
Ghost: I can't go yet. I haven't seen you dance.
Riley: Dance for no reason?
Ghost: Jazz babies dance. We did the Charleston. That's where you put your hands like this and switch knees.
Maya: We don't know how to do the Charleston.
Ghost: Do the Charleston right now.
Riley: But there's no music.
Ghost: (makes an old phonograph appear and plays 1920's music; then makes Maya and Riley dance the Charleston)
Riley: Maya, we're flapping.
Maya: Riley, we're puppets of the flapper ghost.
Riley: That's crazy. Nobody can control us. (the Ghost makes Maya take a seat but Riley continues dancing)
Maya: (to Riley) That's nothing. I make you do that every week.
Riley: No, you don't.
Maya: Dance.
Riley: (continues dancing until she's exhausted) Is this why I'm so tired all the time?
Maya: (to the Ghost) Well, it's gonna take a lot more than that to control me, Sister. (the Ghost makes Maya dance again) Ruh-roh.
Ghost: (sings) Hot feet.
Maya: Hot feet, fire in the middle.
Riley: Hot feet.
Maya: Hot feet, warm as the griddle. Hot feet sizzlin' through, oh, What will I do? Like skiddily bop, bop, Hot feet!
Riley: Hot feet stingin' like a busy bee.
Maya: Hot feet.
Maya and Riley: Drop feet, smokin' like a chimney. (top hats and canes magically appear) Hot feet, burns heavily nearly makes a furnace out of me! I wanna be hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot feet!
Ghost: (disappears)
Maya and Riley: (continue singing while Auggie, Ava and Dewey join in, all with top hats and canes of their own) Hot feet.
Dewey: Doy.
All: Fire in the middle, hot feet.
Dewey: Doy.
All: Warm as a griddle. Hot feet sizzlin' through, oh what would I do? Like skiddily bop, bop, bop!
Dewey: Doy!
Auggie: (as the ghost reappears) What's happening to us?
Riley: She ghosted us, and we don't know how to get rid of her.
Ghost: (to Dewey) Hey, little guy. Why do you keep saying "Doy?"
Auggie: It's his name. Just go with it.
Ghost: How do you spell that?
Dewey: D-E-W-E-Y. Doy. The "W" is silent.
Ghost: Oh, Honey. I think it's pronounced--
Auggie: I wouldn't.
Ghost: Dewey.
Dewey: (screams so loud the ghost disappears again)
Auggie: Nice work. (Auggie and Ava leave with Dewey)
Dewey: Doy!
Riley: Boy, am I glad that's over.
Maya: Dance.
Riley: (dances as more '20's music plays in the background)
Interior. The Matthews' House. Auggie, Ava and Dewey are back in the living room.
Auggie: In our next story, we go from this haunted house to another haunted house.
Dewey: Yeah! Riley and Maya go to the Central Park Spooktacular!
Ava: And we're gonna trick people into giving us a treat.
Auggie: I don't think that's the spirit of Halloween, Ava.
Ava: Are the streets filled with free sugar?
Auggie: Yes, m'love.
Ava: Do we got Baby-Face the Lion Boy (points to Dewey)?
Auggie: One of the great trick or treat faces of our generation.
Ava: Doy, show us your candymaker. (Dewey lets out a big smile) Oh, am I gonna get sick Tonight. (pats Dewey on back)
Cory: All right, Topanga. So, are you gonna go trick or treating with these kids (points to Auggie, Ava and Dewey), or are you gonna go to the haunted house with those kids (points to Riley and Maya)?
Riley: We don't need adult supervision anymore.
Maya: We're becoming wonderful young adults.
Cory: Says who?
Riley: The ghost of the Bay window.
Cory: Oh, the ghost of the Bay window. When you guys go to sleep, she floats in. She goes, "Boo."
Topanga: We go, "Aah."
Cory: We all laugh and discuss the way ghosts are portrayed in the media.
Riley: Are you making fun of us?
Cory: Pretty sure we are.
Topanga: No, we are. (to Cory) Okay, do you want to go to the haunted house with these dumb-heads (points to Riley and Maya)? (Cory says nothing) Well, then I will go trick or treating with these guys. (taps Dewey)
Dewey: (screams loud and jumps into Cory's arms)
Cory: I'm going trick or treating, huh, Doy?
Dewey: You know you want to.
Cory: Oh, I do.
Topanga: Okay, fine. Then I will go with these girls. You guys love me, right?
Maya: To pieces, Topanga. (hugs her)
Riley: (also hugs) Yeah, me too.
Topanga: Thank you.
Interior. Central Park. Topanga escorts Riley and Maya to the Spooktacular.
Riley: See, Mom? All kids. You know why? Because you don't go to a creepy haunted house with your mommy.
Maya: It simply isn't done.
Topanga: Oh, yeah. You guys are talking all brave now, but you're gonna go in there and be scared to death without me.
Cory: (exits the haunted house with Auggie, Ava and Dewey)
Ava: That was fun. I liked the zombie who tried to eat my guts.
Dewey: I wasn't scared at all. (sees Topanga and screams again)
Topanga: Cory, did you go into the haunted house with three little kids?
Cory: I wasn't gonna go in there alone. Listen, Topanga, why don't you come with us? The girls will be fine.
Topanga: Look, just because this is a fun-looking haunted house, and there's a security guard named Larry doesn't mean I feel comfortable just leaving you here. I mean, who knows what kind of kids hang out here?
Maya: (points to two teens in costume) Hey, Bacon. Tomato. Could you please tell my friend's mom it's okay to leave us here?
Austin: Yeah, we're pretty good kids.
Ally: Who doesn't feel safe with a tomato?
Ava: (to Austin) Hold the phone. Are you who I think you are?
Auggie: Who says, "Hold the phone?"
Ava: I do... when I want somebody to hold my phone. (to Ally) Hey, lady. Take a picture of me with Austin Moon. (Austin picks her up)
Auggie: Ava, that's Ally Dawson.
Ava: Hey, Ally Dawson, take a picture of me with Austin Moon! (camera phone clicks) (says to Austin) How you doin'?
Ally: Ha. Well, I can appreciate a girl who knows what she wants.
Ava: (to Austin) Take me away, Gorgeous. Where does that beautiful blond head of yours call home?
Austin: Florida.
Ava: This relationship is over.
Austin: Oh, no! So you're a New York kind of gal?
Ava: I guess so. (hands Austin his wallet) Here's your wallet back.
Austin: Huh.
Riley: I think we'll be okay here, Mom. Look around.
Topanga: What do you think, Cory?
Cory: I think Ava's the scariest one here.
Ally: And we're happy to hang with these two jazz babies.
Maya: Well, thank you very much.
Riley: New best friends. (waves to Cory and Topanga) Bye-bye.
Topanga: All right. I just want you home by--
Riley: Don't say a time. I want to be cool.
Topanga: Then I won't.
Riley: Then I'm very cool. (to Austin and Ally) 10:00.
Ally: But that's when the Monster Parade starts.
Riley: It starts at 10:00?
Topanga: (to Dewey) Do you wanna go trick or treating, Doy?
Dewey: What did you just call me?
Topanga: Doy. (Dewey takes Topanga's hand) Let's go.
Cory: Ava, I need my wallet back. (Cory and Topanga leave with the kids)
Riley: (to Austin and Ally) Thanks a lot, guys.
Maya: But you don't actually have to watch us or anything. I mean, Lucas and Farkle are already on their way and it's not like we're a couple of scared kids at a haunted house. (Suddenly, Larry the security guard transforms into the ghost of the Bay window)
Ghost: Hi.
Maya and Riley: (both scream)
Austin: If you're scared of her, I don't think you'll do too good in there.
Riley: She is a ghost and she will ghost you.
Maya: Yes, do it. Ghost them like they've never been ghosted.
Ghost: I want you to take me back home. I'm scared.
Austin: Yeah. This is a ghost.
Riley: (to the ghost) What are you scared of?
Ghost: Promise me you won't let our house become like this one. (points to haunted house)
Riley: Please tell me what's bothering you.
Ghost: It bothers me that this is the haunted house.
Ally: You don't think it looks authentic?
Ghost: Oh, it's real authentic. I know the ghost who lives here.
Austin: Oh, really? (chuckles) Look, I know it's Halloween, but this ghost is about as real as the fake zombies inside.
Riley: Oh, do not doubt her ghostiness.
Ally: Oh, please. What can she do? (the ghost zaps Austin and Ally into 1920's style evening outfits) Oh, would you look at that?
Austin: She is a ghost. And she's got style.
Ghost: Everybody used to know this house. This is my best friend Tessie's house. We'd all come here to dance the night away. Tessie was the life of the party. But look at the place now.
Riley: Why is it like this?
Ghost: Nobody's hatched any schemes or planned any capers in the bay window of this house the way you have in ours.
Maya: So nobody lives here now.
Ghost: Only Tessie. The party's been over for a long time. She just sits, staring out at a world that's forgotten all about us.
Ally: Austin, are you crying?
Austin: (wipes tears and speaks in British accent) No.
Riley: Where's Tessie now?
Ghost: Oh, she's in there... by herself in the bay window.
Maya: Is there any way we can help?
Ghost: Well, there is one thing Tessie could never resist.
Maya: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Riley: Dance again. Yay! (the ghost makes them all sing and

dance) Dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah.

Maya: Doy.
Austin: Hot feet.
Ally: Hot feet.
Austin and Ally: Fire in the middle.
Austin: Hot feet.
Ally: Hot feet.
Austin and Ally: Warm as a griddle.
Austin: Hot feet.
Ally: Hot feet.
Austin and Ally: Sizzlin' through. Oh, what will I do? Like skiddily bop, bop, bop! Hot feet.
Riley/Maya/Austin/Ally: Hot feet. Fire in the middle. Hot feet, hot feet. Warm as a griddle. Hot feet, hot feet. Sizzlin' through. Oh, what will I do? Like skiddily bop, bop, bop! I wanna be hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot feet!
Riley: Tessie? Tessie, it's me, Riley. Please come love us.
Maya: Hey, we flapped for you, Casper. Get out here.
Ghost: This is not like her at all.
Austin: Well, maybe her not coming out is her way of inviting us in.
Ghost: No, no. If she didn't come out for dancing, Tessie is not in the mood for company.
Austin: (the kids sing and dance again) Hot feet.
Ghost: I wouldn't.
Ally: Fire in the middle.
Riley: Hot feet.
Ghost: I mean it.
Maya: Warm as a griddle.
Austin: Hot feet.
Riley/Maya/Austin/Ally: Hot feet sizzlin' through, oh, what will I do? like skiddily bop, bop, bop! I wanna be hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot feet! (the kids enter the haunted house but soon run out scared; the ghost puts Austin and Ally back in their Halloween costumes as they leave)
Austin: Thank you!
Ally: We had a lovely evening.
Riley: Tessie's changed, man.
Maya: It's been real, Ghosty. Happy Halloween.
Interior. The Matthews' House. Cory, Topanga and the kids return from trick or treating.
Ava: Okay, everybody pour out your candy.
Topanga: Why? Everybody has their own pumpkin. (Auggie and Dewey empty out their pumpkins)
Ava: Yeah, but I like dividing it up all fairly.
Cory: Well, well, well... Topanga's wrong about you, Ava Morgenstern.
Ava: No, she's not. (Ava gives Auggie and Dewey the preceived lesser treats while giving herself the good ones) Mini, mini, full size. Toothbrush, toothbrush, Crunch bar. Skip turn, skip turn, uh. Uh, let's just speed this up. (scoops up all the remaining treats and puts them in her pot-shaped pumpkin) Pleasure doing business with you, boys.
Riley: (enters with Maya) Good night.
Maya: Good night.
Cory: Whoa, whoa, whoa. The haunted house freak you out?
Maya: A little too haunted for me, thank you.
Riley: I can't believe you just left us there. (Cory and Topanga leave the room)
Dewey: Trick or treat.
Riley: Excuse me, Doy?
Maya: Didn't you just go trick or treating?
Auggie: Ava happened.
Ava: (mouth filled with chocolate) Topy, I'm crashing bad, man! I'm sleeping over. (falls asleep on the couch and snores)
Dewey: Trick or treat. Help a Doy out.
Riley: Oh, I'm sorry, Doy, but we don't have any candy.
Dewey: You don't?
Maya: Nope.
Dewey: Then trick.
Riley: Excuse me?
Dewey: If you don't have any candy, then I'm forced to do a trick on you.
Maya: Oh, really?
Dewey: You want stinky feet or surprise?
Riley: Well, which one do you want, Maya?
Maya: I mean, who doesn't like a nice surprise, right?
Riley: Do your worst.
Dewey: (moves his hands like the ghost did earlier) Doy!
Riley and Maya: (both scream)
Maya: (to Riley) Do you feel anything?
Riley: Pretend.
Riley and Maya: Oooh! Eeeh! Aaah! Arg! (head off to Riley's bedroom)
Auggie: Nice job. Wanna eat Ava's candy?
Dewey: Don't mind if I Doy. (Auggie and Dewey root through Ava's pumpkin)
Interior. Riley's Bedroom.
Maya: That was kinda cute.
Riley: Doy put a spell on us.
Maya: What could he possibly think of to do to us?
Riley: He's six years old like Auggie. There's nothing in their heads except cartoons. (Riley suddenly turns into a cartoon character)
Maya: Uh, Riley?
Riley: Maya, you got real tall. Yay! (Maya then turns into a cartoon) And now you're a cartoon. I love our lives.
Maya: Riley, is this really happening, or is everything in your head just coming out?
Riley: No, I still got stuff in my head. (fairy creatures and magical things fall out of her head) What's in your head?
Maya: (finds mini cartoon Rileys falling out of her head)
Cartoon Rileys: Don't do this. Don't do that. Be like me. Today is the best day ever. (all say "Peaches!" simultaneously and frequently)
Maya: Oh, my gosh. I have never felt better in my life. Let's go rob a bank.
Cartoon Rileys: Quick, back in her head. After you. No, after you. Please, I insist. After you. After you.
Maya: Riley, we're cartoons.
Riley: I know. Isn't it great? Bleh.
Maya: Why is this so great? Bleh.
Riley: Because now we can finally see the world through each other's eyes. (Riley and Maya put their eyes in each other's faces)
Maya: Ugh. Everything's pretty.
Riley: (screams) How do I unsee this? Switch back! Switch back! (both put their eyes back in each other's normal faces and sigh) I like it better as a human being.
Maya: Me too. I do wanna do this, though. (Maya jumps all over Riley's bedroom) Bing, bing, bang, bang, boing, boing, bing. Okay, I'm over it.
Riley: You do realize that Doy didn't do this to us, don't you?
Maya: You're back, aren't you Ghosty?
Ghost: (transforms Riley and Maya back to their human selves) It's very hard to leave a place like this.
Riley: We know.
Maya: We keep coming back, too.
Ghost: I promised myself I wouldn't go until I found somebody else who appreciated this bay window as much as I did. You know why?
Riley: Because you never wanted this bay window to become like that bay window. I promise you, it never will be.
Ghost: I know. I watched you both share your dreams in here. They're good dreams. I hope they come true.
Maya: So, you're actually leaving us?
Ghost: I have a friend who could use some company in her bay window. This place is in good hands.
Riley: Can we ask you something?
Ghost: Anything you want.
Riley: We sit in this window because we've always felt that it had some power.
Maya: But will it after you're gone?
Ghost: I'm not the magic of this place anymore. You are. (the ghost heads off with her suitcase to the sound of harp music)
Riley: Another day.
Maya: Yeah.
Riley: Can't wait 'til Tomorrow.
Maya: Yeah.
Interior. The Matthews' House. Riley, Auggie, Dewey, Ava and Maya are all lying on the couch.'
Cory: Kids. Wake up. You're hosting the evening.
Topanga: Yeah. You've gotta say "good night" to the people.
Cory: Topanga, what do we do?
Topanga: Same thing we do every year. (she and Cory race to the table where the kids' Halloween candy is; Topanga does the same trick to Cory that Ava just did earlier) Mini, mini, full size. Eh, let's just speed this up. (gathers the rest of the candy) All right. Oh. (takes a piece of candy from Cory)
Cory: Wait, wait, wait. What do I get?
Topanga: Uh, you get to put the kids to bed. You're so lucky!
Cory: But look at all of 'em. What do I do know? (realizes) Dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah.
All: Doy.
Dewey: What?
Cory: (in a fast-moving sequence, Cory sends Riley to her bedroom, then sends Ava to another room, then sends Maya to Riley's bedroom while dancing with her, sees Ava looking at the fridge, then sends her back, then picks up Auggie and sends him to his bedroom, catches Ava again and sends her back) Did I forget anyone? (sees the door open) The front Doy! (picks up Dewey and falls down on the couch with him).