Girl Meets World Junior Novel is a range of episode novelizations of Girl Meets World intended for younger readers, published by Disney Press.

No. Title Author Release Date
1 Girl Meets World: Follow Your Heart


Alexa Young July 7, 2015
Follow Your Heart
When Riley is forced to give up her cell phone and talk face-to-face with her crush Lucas, will she connect or will she shut down? Then, when another girl tries to get Lucas's attention, can Maya help her best friend win back her guy?

Note: Novelizes episodes Girl Meets Boy and Girl Meets Sneak Attack.

2 Girl Meets World: Let's Do This!


Alexa Young January 5, 2016
It's the first day of eighth grade, and Riley and Maya are older, wiser and desperate for some freedom, so they're over the moon when they find out Riley's dad won't be their teacher again. But once they realize that in their new classroom they're no longer the center of the universe -- WHAT?! -- Riley and Maya have trouble adjusting to the cosmic shift! Then, when Lucas's friend from Texas shows up at their school, Riley discovers that Lucas has a dark secret from his past. Can Riley handle the truth, or will it change the way she feels about him forever?

This exciting junior novel includes an 8-page, full-color insert of photos from the show!

Note: Novelizes episodes Girl Meets Gravity and Girl Meets the Secret of Life

3 Girl Meets World: Friend Power


July 5, 2016

When Riley decides to sneak out to a college party with Maya, she's plagued by her guilty conscience. Is it weird her conscience comes in the form of a giant potato tot? Perhaps . . . But the real question is, even if Riley's parents do not catch her, can she live with herself for lying to them? Then news of Riley and Lucas's first kiss gets out, and their peers push them into declaring they are a couple. Super lame. What's worse, things between them suddenly get, well, awkward. Will Lucas and Riley live awkwardly ever after, or will they figure out that the power of friendship can overcome anything?

Note: Novelizes episodes Girl Meets the Tell-Tale-Tot and Girl Meets the New World


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