The following is the transcript for Girl Meets the Bay Window:

Interior. The Matthews' Apartment. Riley's Bedroom. Maya and Riley are sitting on a window ledge.
Riley: (Smiling at Maya)
Maya: What?
Riley: I need to ask your permission for something.
Maya: Whatever you want.
Riley: Aw, ever since we were little kids, you would always say, "whatever you want", even before you knew what it was.
Maya: You got a good thing going there, kid. Don't blow it.
Riley: Maya, you don't know what you're getting yourself into. Remember when I first asked you if we wanted to be friends?
Maya: Did I take it on? Am I still here?
Riley: You can't just say yes this time. This one's different.
Maya: Whatever you want.
Riley: I want to completely redo-
Maya: Your hair.
Riley: You wanna change my hair?
Maya: I think you could use something once.
Riley: I don't want to change my hair.
Maya: I gotta look at that every day.
Riley: You change your hair.
Maya: Stop being ridiculous!
Riley: I want to completely redo-
Maya: The way you dress!
Riley: You don't like me at all, do you?
Maya: You're my favorite person in the world. I wouldn't change a thing about you.
Riley: I want to tear down the bay window.
Maya: You shut your face.
Riley: It's time.
Maya: What's the matter with you?
Riley: We're changing.
Maya: We're not.
Riley: Maya, the most important things in our lives are changing. The bay window is one of the most important things in our lives. It's changing with us. It's time.
Maya: Riley, look at me. Some things mean too much to us to ever change. I don't want this place to ever change. Look at me and tell me you understand that.
Riley: Maya, it's time.
Title sequence. Then: interior. Riley's Bedroom. Maya and Riley are still sitting on a window ledge.


No. You don't have my permission for this. This place has always been my sanctuary from the storm.
Riley: Maya, we're doing it.
Maya: It never mattered what was going on outside these windows. When I sit here with you, I'm safe. We're not changing that.
Riley: You looking forward to high school?
Maya: We still don't know that's gonna happen!
Riley: Maya, it's going to happen. You stink at change, and I hit the ground running from the very first day.
Maya: I stink at change? Remember when you were afraid that Lucas was changing? Remember, you said, "change fills my pockets with pennies of uncertainty." You stink at change.
Riley: Yes, but I've changed. Maya, it's a natural thing about growing up. We're changing whether you like it or not.
Maya: Not. Okay? You know what's natural? The way the sun comes in through these windows and the pillows are warm when you put your head on them, or how the moon glows off of the curtain and we don't care that it's the middle of the night because we're here, and we're safe, and we're protected.
Riley: And we're doing it.
Maya: Or how Farkle comes in through the window all our lives and says, "ladies!" I don't want that to ever change.
Farkle: (Comes in through the window and sits on the window ledge with Maya and Riley) Hey.
Maya: Why do things change, Farkle?
Farkle: Because things grow. (to both Maya and Riley) Did you know that every seven years, your body grows a whole new set of cells? Every seven years, it's like you're a whole new person.
Riley: Mr. Norton taught us that in Science.
Maya: Yeah? Well, I'm exactly the same as I was when I was seven, and I'll be exactly the same when I'm- (to Farkle) Do it.
Farkle: 21. See, the difference between you at seven and now is that at seven, you just met me, and now, you've learned to use me.


I know a good thing when I see it. You've been growing ever since we met.
Riley: (to Farkle) Yeah. Farkle, I hope we can say that you've grown into a handsome young man without embarrassing you.
Farkle: Uh no, you can't.
Maya: (To Riley) Look at him, Riles. Remember the little boy he was? Remember the first day we met him?
Riley: Hmph. Do I remember? He saved my life, Maya. He saved my life twice, and you didn't even save it once.
Maya: You have to wift your head, Wiwey.

Flashback begins. Then: Interior. The living room in The Matthews' Apartment. Young Riley, Young Maya, and Young Farkle are in their costumes.

Young Riley: (Having her face buried in a big glass bowl of water filled with apples, and splashing water)
Young Maya: Lift your head, Riley. You have to lift your head. Lift your head.
Young Farkle: (Approaches them) Ladies! (To Young Maya) What's the matter with her
Young Maya: (To Young Riley) All you have to do is lift your head.
Young Farkle: (Walks over to Young Riley and saves her life)
Young Riley: (Wipes her eyes and says to Young Maya) Why do people like this game? The say come up when you get an apple, but what if you don't get an apple? What are you supposed to do?
Young Maya: You're supposed to lift your head.
Young Riley: (To Young Farkle) You saved my life. How can I repay you? I know! Apples! (tries to bob for apples, but gets her face buried in the water, and starts splashing it)
Young Maya: (To Young Farkle) She a lotta work.
Young Farkle: (Saves Young Riley's life again)
Young Riley: (To Young Maya) I am not a smart person.
Young Farkle: (To both Young Riley and Maya) That's why you can both use a friend like me.
Young Maya: Why?
Young Farkle: (To both Young Riley and Maya) Because I promise to love you both the same.
Young Riley: But what if you love one of us more? What if you marry one of us?
Young Farkle: (Puts his arms around both Young Riley and Maya and says to them) Both of you the same.
Young Maya: What's your name?
Young Farkle: (Moves away from them and hides his head with his cape) If I tell you, don't laugh.
Young Riley: We would never.
Young Farkle: (Gets his cape off his head, turns around and approaches them some) Farkle.
Young Maya: (Laughs)
Young Riley: I wanna laugh, but I promised!
Young Maya: (To Young Farkle) What's your last name?
Young Farkle: (Hides his head with his cape again) I don't wanna tell you.
Young Riley: Why does Dracula wear turtlenecks?
Young Farkle: (Get his cape off his head again) Because I'm scared of vampires. They bite your neck.
Young Riley: But you are a vampire!
Young Farkle: (To Young Riley and Maya) My mind is very fancy. Feel free to use me as you see fit.
Flashback ends. Then: Interior. Riley's Bedroom. Farkle, Maya and Riley are still sitting on the window ledge.
Maya: And I always have.


Your costume was a bag.
Maya: I couldn't afford a costume. I was a different bag every year.
Riley: Look how much Farkle's changed. It's nothing to be afraid of. Maya, we're changing the bay window.
Farkle: Why can't you just change your hair?
Lucas: (Poking his head through the window, and talking to Riley) You're changing the bay window?
Maya: (To Riley) Oh, look what you did. You made Hee-haw show up out of nowhere.
Lucas: (Comes in through the window)
Riley: Lucas, how does this affect you? You didn't grow up with us.
Lucas: Yeah, I didn't have to. I know this place has a lot of meaning to you. That makes it a special place to me, (to both Riley and Maya) because both of you are special to me in... whatever way you'll eventually tell me.
Riley: High school's coming up. We're changing. (To all three of them) Look around, guys. This is a little girl's window. It needs to change with us.
Maya: (To Lucas) Hey, Huckleberry. It might've been okay to have known you as long as we've known Farkle.
Lucas: (To the three of them) Yeah, being friends with you guys has changed me in the best possible ways. I wish I could've always had that.
Riley: We could do it. I say we've known you since you were a little kid.
Lucas: Well, how do you do that?
Riley: A musical number
Lucas: No!


(Singing) In the town of old Austin in Texas,
Lucas: Why?
Farkle: (To Riley)
Maya: (Singing) Lived Bucky McBoing Boing, Huh-hurr,
Lucas: Will you please be kind?
Flashback starts with Lucas in it.
Young Maya: (Singing) Huh-hurr, huh-hurr, you talk like that for sure.
Young Riley: (Singing) I am dreaming of a hero-
Young Maya: Riley, have some dignity, woman!
Young Riley: (Still singing) -who will treat me like a princess.
Young Farkle: (Comes in singing) Like me!
Young Riley: (Still singing) Not you.
Young Farkle: (Still singing) Okay. (Leaves her bedroom)
Young Riley: (Still singing) And he'll be my handsome prince. And I'll love him.
Young Maya: (Singing) Like a brother.
Young Farkle: (Comes back in and sings) No, the other.
Young Riley: Farkle!
Young Farkle: (Still singing) Okay. (Leaves her bedroom again)
Young Riley: (Goes to grab Lucas' hand and gets on the window ledge)
Lucas: (To Young Riley and Maya) Wait. (Young Riley lets go of his hand) Why am I not little like you guys?
Young Riley: This is how you've always been.
Young Maya: (To Lucas) The only you we've ever seen. (Jumps on him)
Lucas: Hey!
Young Maya: Giddy up, Huckleberry!
Lucas: Maya, you can't just jump on me.
Young Riley: (Puts her hand on Lucas' shoulder)
Lucas: Riley-
Young Riley: (Jumps into his arms) Whee!
Lucas: Okay.
Young Riley: (Singing) In the town of New York, not Texas,
Young Farkle: (Comes in singing again) A freak-face became our best friend. (Starts dancing and scatting) Ya-ta-ta-ya-ta-ta-ya-ta-ta, (stops scatting) Hey! (Goes to get on top of the window ledge while Lucas puts Young Riley back on the window ledge, and Young Maya gets off his back)
Young Riley and Farkle: (One of them sings and the other stars singing along) And no matter how things go,
Lucas: (Singing) We'll always have the bay window.
Young Maya: (Singing) The same one forever. The End. (They grab their hands and bow twice)
Flashback ends.
Riley: No. Maya, nothings forever. We can't be seven years old our whole lives.
Maya: Why can't we?
Farkle: (To Riley) I like remembering who you were.
Lucas: I was nothing like that. (To Riley, Maya and Farkle) I was a little boy just like all of my friends. Look. I have a picture. (Pulls out his smartphone and somehow displays a picture of himself with his friends from Austin, Texas on it. For some odd reason, he sees himself as being a teenager in the picture) Huh.
Riley: (To Maya and Farkle) It's time to forget about the past.
Maya: Why do we have to?
Lucas: (Still noticing himself as a teenager in the picture) Huh.
Riley: (To Maya) Maya, what's important now is, "who are we going to be?"
Maya: What happens to who we were?
Lucas: (To Riley, Maya and Farkle) Hey, guys, something's seriously wrong.
Maya: (To Riley) You are never touching this bay window.
Riley: (Grabs one of her curtains and pulls it down)
Interior. The Matthews' Apartment. Riley's Bedroom. Cory and Topanga have come in here to see what was going on.
Maya: How could you let them do this?
Cory: I didn't. (To Riley, Farkle, and Lucas) What did you guys do?
Topanga: (To Riley) Riley, this is your favorite place in the world.
Riley: I'm just a teenage girl rearranging her room a lot.
Topanga: Uh-huh. What's really happening?
Maya: Just because we're going to high school, she thinks we should destroy our childhood.
Cory: (To five of them) Okay, you know, this raises an interesting question. (To Riley, Maya, Farkle and Lucas) Who here knows-
Riley, Maya and Lucas: Stop.
Cory: Stop what?
Riley: You were about to teach us something, weren't you?
Cory: No.
Lucas: Sure, you were.
Farkle: (To Cory) It's the weekend and you can't stop. Bring it, Hambone.
Maya: (To Cory) You need help, Matthews.
Lucas: (To Cory) You're not allowed to teach us anything today.
Cory: (To four of them) I wasn't gonna teach you anything.
Riley, Maya and Lucas: Yay!
Farkle: (To Cory) Aw.
Cory: (To four of them) Because you already know this one.
Riley: Oh. (Lucas groans)
Farkle: (To Cory) Yay!
Cory: (To four of them as two of them go to sit on Riley's bed) The truth is, people get comfortable with what's familiar.
Topanga: (To four of them) Yeah. And when you get too comfortable, you don't allow yourself room to grow.
Cory: (To four of them) The worst thing you can do is fold your arms and refuse to accept what's gonna come anyway.
Riley: (To Maya) Yeah.
Lucas: Hey, Riley, is that my boot? Can I please have that back?
Riley: No.
Topanga: Honey, it's totally okay that you want to create space for new memories. Let's just keep the old memories somewhere safe. You may decide that you want to visit them again later.
Riley: Fine. (To Maya) You see, Maya? One of us is completely okay with making room for the new.
Cory and Topanga: (Start laughing)
Riley: (Laughs while talking to them) Okay. You guys are laughing.
Cory: Yeah. (Topanga nods her head)
Riley: (To Cory and Topanga) Is it because I'm so right that it's funny?
Topanga: No. (Cory shakes his head)
Riley: (To Cory and Topanga) Oh. Then why are you laughing?
Cory: It's just a little memory that we've put away?
Topanga: (To Riley) Yeah. (To Cory) Let's take it out and visit.
Flashback begins. Young Riley and Maya are sitting next to each other on the coach in the living room in The Matthews' Apartment, and Cory is looking for Topanga.
Young Riley: Why are you doing this? Am I not good enough?
Cory: You're okay. (Still looking for Topanga) Topanga.
Young Riley: I like the way things is. Why do we need another baby? We just need mommy, daddy, Riley, Maya.
Cory: (To himself) I lost her. Only I could lose a pregnant Topanga. (Hears a horn honking and says to himself) Of course. Pregnant Topanga's in the car already. (Starts walking to the door with his luggage while he says to Young Riley and Maya) Don't move, girls. Mrs. Svorski's on her way up. (Hears a horn honking and says to Topanga) All right! We all got things going on (Leaves)
Young Maya: (To Young Riley) You're gonna be a big sister.
Young Riley: Why do things have to change? Why do I have to share my parents?
Young Maya: You're gonna have a little brother or sister, Riley. Your family loves each other. You're very lucky. (Puts her feet on the couch and arms on her knees)
Young Riley: What's the matter, Maya?
Young Maya: We don't know where my daddy is.
Flashback ends. Riley's Bedroom.
Maya: Yeah, that's the day I decided that change wasn't a good thing.
Riley: Sometimes it is, Maya.
Maya: I don't want to go to high school.
Riley: Why not?
Maya: We've always been together. What if something changes? What if something happens? People drift apart in high school.
Riley: Maya, how could that even possibly happen?
Maya: How could it possibly happen that the bay window would change? How could it possibly happen that people just leave?
Riley: Maya, sometimes change is good. It leads to a wonderful growing up. Don't you want to be big girls?
Maya: No. This was the first place that I ever thought was safe. Even if my whole world changed, this place never would.
Riley: Then we'll put it back. We'll put it back, Maya.
Maya: Riles, I know it's not just the bay window we're saying goodbye to.
Farkle: It's us, right? You think you're gonna say goodbye to us?
Lucas: (To Maya) Maya, we're not going anywhere.
Farkle: (To Maya) Not in high school, not any time. It's always gonna be us.
Riley: (Puts her hand on Maya's shoulder)
Cory: (To four of them) Very good.
Lucas: That's it?
Cory: Yeah.
Lucas: That's what you wanted us to learn?
Cory: Leave me alone.
Topanga: (To Lucas) It's his day off. (she and Cory leave Riley's bedroom)
Riley: (Puts her hand on Maya's shoulder again and says to her) Maya, we're never leaving. No matter where we go, we're never leaving. And Farkle told us that he'd always love us equally no matter what.
Farkle: (To Maya) I'm as good as my promise.
Maya: (To Lucas) Lucas?
Lucas: Right here.
Riley: (To Maya) Maya, high school's just the next place. Your safe place is us. Your safe place is me.
Maya: And I'm all yours.
Riley: (Grabs Maya's hand) From the day we met.
Flashback begins.
Young Riley: (Singing)
Young Maya: (Pokes herself through the window and she stops singing. Young Maya comes in to sit next to her) Sup?
Young Riley: Are you a stranger?
Young Maya: Yeah.
Young Riley: Are you a stranger coming through my window?
Young Maya: Yeah.
Young Riley: Then (screams, but then Young Maya covers her mouth to stop her from doing so)
Young Maya: I'm running away from home. (Gets her hand off Young Riley's mouth) I saw your curtains and your pillows, I heard you singing. I like singing better than yelling. Please don't yell.
Young Riley: Who's yelling?
Young Maya: My mommy and daddy?
Young Riley: Why?
Young Maya: 'Cause they always are. What do you do here?
Young Riley: I sit here and I hope.
Young Maya: For what?
Young Riley: For someone to come and sit with me. Are you her?
Young Maya: What's your name?
Young Riley: I'm Riley.
Young Maya: Hi, Riley. I'm Maya Penelope Hart.
Young Riley: Hi, Maya. Are we friends forever?
Young Maya: Whatever you want.
Young Riley: I wanna call you peaches.

Flashback continues.

Young Riley: Now that we're best friends forever, we should get a few things straight.
Young Maya: Like what?
Young Riley: I'm a lot of trouble. I'm gonna be the dangerous one.
Young Maya: (Gets in her face) I am.
Young Riley: Okay.
Young Maya: (Sees the baby monitor and says to Young Riley) You have a baby monitor. (They hear a ring coming from it)
Cory: (To Young Riley through his own device) What are you doing, Riley?
Young Riley: (To Young Maya) Ju-
Young Maya: (Pretending to be Young Riley while saying to Cory) Just sitting here talking to myself. (Sings)
Cory: (To Young Riley) Okay, honey. Have fun. (The ring begins to end the call)
Young Riley: (To Young Maya) That was fun.
Young Maya: We're just gettin' started.
Young Riley: Yeah. I feel guilty. I'm gonna go tell him. (Tries to stand up, but then Young Maya stops her from leaving)
Young Maya: (Sits Young Riley down) Oh, boy, am I gonna be good for you.
Young Riley: (Hugs Young Maya) And I will sprinkle you with goodness.
Young Maya: Whatever you want.
Young Riley: Can we be like this forever? (Stops hugging)
Young Maya: Well, do you think someday we'll have to grow up?
Young Riley: How will we know when that is? (The flashback ends when the scene cuts to the next)
Riley: (To Maya) It's now. (They see their young selves, and stand up)
Young Riley and Maya: (Go to sit down as while Riley and Maya go to sit with them)
Maya: (To her young self) Hi.
Young Maya: Who are you?
Maya: I'm Maya Penelope Hart.
Young Maya: But that's me.
Maya: Yeah.
Young Maya: You're me?
Maya: Yeah.
Young Maya: Prove it.
Maya: Sometimes when you sit on the toilet, you like to put the lid on your back and pretend you're a turtle (Young Maya gasps) named Mr. Shellington. (Young Maya gasps again)
Young Riley: (To her present self) Are you me?
Riley: Yeah, I am.
Young Riley: Prove it.
Riley: Well, I don't have to. You believe everything.
Young Riley: (Gasps and says to Young Maya) It's us.
Young Maya: It is?
Young Riley: Yeah.
Young Maya: (To her present self) Our daddy's gone.
Maya: (Starts to hug her) Yeah.
Young Maya: Is everything gonna be okay?
Maya: (Stops hugging her. Then picks her up and sits her on her lap, and Riley picks her young self up and sits her on her lap) Just stay close to this one and we'll be fine.
Young Riley: (To Riley) Why are you here with us?
Riley: Um because we wanted to visit you and spend some time with you before things change.
Young Maya: You're gonna change?
Maya: Yeah, that's what happens. But we wanted to thank you guys for being who we were.
Young Maya: What happens to us?
Maya: You stay with us. You're a part of us always.
Young Riley: (To her present self and Maya) Do we have to grow up and change?
Riley: Well, we're doing a pretty okay job so far and we get to grow up into whoever's the next us.
Maya: (To Young Riley) Whether we like it or not.
Young Riley: (To her present self) Do we have good friends?
Riley: Oh, we have the best friends.
Young Riley: Good. So, who are we going to be?
Riley: What?
Young Maya: When you grow up more.
Young Riley: (To her present self) I wanna see 'em!
Young Maya: (To Riley) Bring 'em in here!
Maya: (To her young self) Well, we can't um (gets her off her lap and sits her down next to her) 'cause we actually don't know who we're gonna be yet.
Riley: (To her young self) But we look forward to meeting them someday.
Young Riley: (To Maya) And you'll tell them all about us, peaches?
Maya: We won't have to. (To Young Riley and about her young self) You'll be there.
Young Riley: Okay. (To her present self) So, we decided to change the bay window?
Maya: Yeah.
Young Maya: (To Riley) Well, we can't wait to see what you do with the place.
Riley and Maya: (Hug their young selves while crying)
Interior. The Matthews' Apartment. Riley's Bedroom. Adult Riley and Maya are shown.
Adult Maya: There's a gallery in SoHo and they want to show my stuff.
Adult Riley: I'll come to your opening.
Adult Maya: It starts at 10:00.
Adult Riley: It starts at 10:00?
Adult Maya: Riley, they wanted to make me an artist in residence. I found an apartment in SoHo.
Adult Riley: But the farthest we've ever been apart is like (she and Adult Maya stand up and sit away from each other) this much. (They stand up and sit close to each other) When are we gonna see each other?
Adult Maya: (Cries) All the time. (They hug each other. Riley and Maya are then shown sitting on the bed with their young selves on there laps)
Maya and Young Maya: (In unison) Well, I'm disgusted.
Adult Maya: (To Adult Riley) Now what do we do?
Adult Riley: Now we leave this place, Maya.
Adult Maya: How do we do that? All of our memories are here.
Adult Riley: (About their past and present selves, Riley, Maya, Young Riley and Maya) We take them with us. Look at them. Can you see them?
Adult Maya: How would I do that?
Adult Riley: All you have to do is lift your head? (Adult Maya lifts her head and they both see their past and present selves, who then wave at them)
Young Riley: (To her present self) You think they know we're here?
Riley: They know.
Maya: (To her young self) They won't forget about us will they? Are we always going to be with them?
Adult Maya: (About Riley's bedroom) So goodbye, this room.
Adult Riley: (About her bedroom) Thanks for everything.
Adult Maya: Out the window the way I came in?
Adult Riley: Don't big girls go out the door?
Adult Maya: Yeah, they do. (They start to out through the window)
Adult Riley: (Looks through the window and says to her past and present selves, including Maya and Young Maya) Are you comin'? (Young Riley and Maya go out through the same window)
Young Riley: (Looks through the window at both her present self and Maya and says to them) Comin'?
Riley and Maya: (They cry, stand up to go sit on a window ledge for a moment, and then they go through the window, that Riley looks through at her bedroom for a moment)
Interior. Riley's Bedroom. Riley and Maya are back and they're already reorganizing the bedroom then they sit on a window ledge.
Riley: Ready for this change, Maya?
Maya: Whatever you want.
Riley: I can't wait to see what's next. I hope it's good.
Maya: Promise me we'll always be together.
Riley: We will always be together.
Maya: Then it's good.

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