The following is the transcript for Girl Meets the New World.

Interior. Riley's Bedroom. Riley and Maya are sitting at the bay window discussing Riley's kiss with Lucas in Girl Meets First Date.
Maya: How long are we avoiding this?
Riley: Not avoiding nothing. Just life moving on beyond that thing that happened between me and Lucas. I know what it was, you do not have to fish-face at me. Maya, other things are happening. Life got over it. Why can't you?
Maya: Life isn't over it. Haven't you noticed everything stopped? Nothing is happening.
Riley: Everything's happening!
Maya: Riley, until we talk about [kissing noises], nothing's ever happening again.
Riley: Oh, that's the talk of a kook.
Farkle: Ladies.
Riley: Yay! (Hugs Farkle)
Farkle: Well, that's settled then.
Maya: Are you here for a reason, Farkle?
Farkle: I've got two tickets to a concert but there's three of us. So who do I take?
Riley: You see, that right there is a very original situation. There will be many twists and turns that no one will see coming.
Farkle: I like the way you hugged me, Riley. I'm taking you.
Riley: I did not see that coming.
Maya: So we're back. Subway car, you lock eyes, you fall into his lap, you grab Lucas by the face. You start moving toward him and-
Cory: Riley!
Riley: Yay! Did I do something? Am I grounded? Does she have to leave? You have to leave.
Topanga: No we're glad you're both here.
Cory: We need you to babysit Auggie.
Riley: They need us to babysit Auggie.
Maya: Been there done that.
Riley: Things could happen twice.
Cory: Unless it's an emergency, we don't want to hear from you.
Maya: What could happen?
Riley: I'll tell ya. We'll put too much soap in the washing machine, and then we'll find a puppy and say, "can we keep him?" And then his owner will show up. It will be this hot guy that Maya will totally like.
Maya: Yay!
Riley: But then he will move away because Maya can never be happy.
Maya: Boo!
Riley: You see, we have a lot going on today.
Cory: Tomorrow.
Riley: Huh?
Topanga: Yeah, we need you to babysit tomorrow.
Cory: Today we got nothing.
Maya: So, you got Lucas by the face and-
Auggie: Help me!
Riley: Yay! Auggie, do you have any problems that I can help you with?
Auggie: Well, I made a new friend at school what if mom doesn't like him? What if she picks him up and puts him in the hallway? Like Ava! What if no one is ever good enough for mommy's little boy?
Riley: This is a thing.
Maya: Eh, not a whole thing. We check back on this twice tops.
Riley: I would be involved in it.
Maya: Completely your mother's thing.
Riley: Yeah, scram.
Auggie: Mom?
Riley: So that's everybody we know, huh?
Maya: Not quite, you got one more friend that has a problem you could get involved in.
Riley: I do? Who? Oh, yeah. My troubled, misunderstood friend. People love your problems. You're a mess!
Maya: Thanks. My problem is that I have a best friend who doesn't want to talk about the most important thing going on in her life, and I don't know what to do. Can you help me please?
Riley: I kissed Lucas.
Maya: You don't say?
Riley: What happens now?
Title Sequence. Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Cory is teaching a lesson about the new world.
Cory: The new world. People who lived their whole lives in a certain place, travel to a new land of new feelings and new opportunities. Having no idea how to behave in this new society.
Riley: Lucas, what did you tell him?
Lucas: Nothing, I am also uncomfortable.
Farkle: Wait, Mr. Matthews doesn't know Riley kissed Lucas?
Maya: No.
Farkle: So, everything he says is making them uncomfortable?
Maya: Uh-uh.
Farkle: Shall we take advantage of this?
Maya: How could we not?
Farkle: I will begin. So, Mr. Matthews, tell me, after you've had the courage to close your eyes and take the face of the new would in your trembling hand...
Cory: What are you trying to say, Farkle?
Farkle: Are you supposed to be a couple next? Or what?

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