The following is the transcript for Girl Meets the New Year.

Interior. The Matthews' Apartment. The kitchen. Maya and Riley are having breakfast together.
Riley: How long we avoidin' this?
Maya: Not avoidin' nothin'. Just life moving on beyond that thing that happened between me and Lucas.
Riley: Hm. (Makes kissing noise)
Maya: I know what it was. You don't have to fish-face at me. There wasn't a kiss!
Riley: There wasn't?
Maya: No.
Riley: What was there?
Maya: He just grabbed my head and stared at my face real close. Yeah. Just like that. Yeah.
Riley: That's a good move.
Maya: I didn't hate it.
Riley: Let's discuss!
Maya: Let's not. Other things are happening. Life has gotten over this. If you pour ketchup on that mac and cheese, I will never forgive you.
Riley: Life isn't over it, Maya. He held your face, you went on dates, you poured a smoothie over his head That's a good move.
Maya: I didn't hate it.
Riley: But now, what are you guys? Life wants to know, Maya. Life wants to know right now.
Maya: No, it doesn't.
Riley: It does. Look around. Nothing's happening. Maya until we talk about nothing is ever happening again.
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. English classroom. Harper Burgess is teaching a lesson on Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility.
Maya: No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Harper: Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility focused on the multiple loves of two young women.
Riley: Well, would you look at that?
Harper: Miss Austen felt there were two approaches to love. "Sense," meaning what?
Farkle: Good, intelligent judgment.
Harper: And "sensibility"?
Farkle: When feeling is getting in the way of that.
Harper: So, what you think you should feel versus what you feel.
Maya: You you know what's a good book? Hop on Pop.
Harper: Come on, Maya. What's not to love about figuring out love?
Maya: Help me.
Riley: Mm-mm. No. I'm out of this. I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy whatever happens for once.
Harper: Charlie Gardner.
Riley: Unbelievable.
Charlie: I saw the movie of this.
Class: Why?
Charlie: 'Cause I'm sensitive.
Class: Why?
Charlie: 'Cause I got a mother and a bunch of sisters who took over the TV and sat on me like a beanbag chair.
Harper: Did you learn anything from the movie, Mr. Gardner?
Charlie: No, but I might've noticed that in order for a relationship to work, you need sense and sensibility.
Lucas: Why? Where was everybody?
Harper: Oh, you noticed that, did ya? Miss Austen teaches us that romance comes with conflict. Two young women with different ideas about what love is. One hid her true feelings to protect others. She thought this made "sense". The other had more feelings than she knew what to do with. She was overwhelmed by "sensibility".
Farkle: What about the character who knows all the secrets of the character who's hiding her true feelings?
Harper: He's driven to madness and dies alone and scared.
Farkle: Thank you.
Riley: Good.
Farkle: Sneh.
Riley: Fneh.
Maya: What happens to the two girls, Harper?
Harper: Oh, yeah, the two girls.
Maya: Everything's always okay between the two girls, right?
Harper: No, Maya. Love is never easy and often comes at great cost. And the relationships that seem the strongest are the most tragically torn apart.
Maya: You know what's a book where no one gets tragically torn apart? Hop on Pop.
Title Sequence. Interior. Topanga's. Maya and Riley are reading Sense and Sensibility.
Maya: What page are you on?
Riley: 304. Maya, you know how the girls decide who they love? They throw a ball.
Maya: Cinderelli!
Riley: Apparently, these sorts of things get decided at the ball. You know what we need? A ball.
Maya: All I know is I've been reading as long as you, and I'm on page seven. I don't think this is in America.
Riley: What is essential to the situation, my dear Maya, is to host a ball. A grand ball. A New Year's Eve ball. We shall invite all of the eligible gentlemen of good breeding -
Charlie: I hear you're having a party.
Riley: How?
Maya: Come on, Charlie Gardner. We'll get things sorted out at the dance!
Riley: Ball!
Maya: America!
Charlie: Oh. Well, am I included in the things who need to be sorted out?
Riley: Well, Mr. Gardner you are in excellent standing and well regarded in the village. He never makes it easy, does he?
Maya: Speaking of tough decision -
Lucas: Hi.
Maya: Hey, Huckleberry.
Lucas: So, uh, Charlie Gardner just asked me if I was invited to your party. I told him that I didn't know about any party, and he smiled like a Charlie Gardner, gave me this weird bow, and walked away. I still like him.
Riley: Well, of course you're invited, Lucas.
Lucas: Oh, thanks, but I don't want to be some last-second invite.
Farkle: Well, I do. I'm coming, right?
Riley: Uh, everybody's coming. I thought of the party, like, two seconds ago. I don't know how Charlie does it.
Charlie: Heard you just talkin' about me. What'll be interesting is who's with who at midnight.
Riley: For why? For why would that be interesting?
Farkle: Yeah, why would that be interesting, Riley? Hey, remember when you did this? We had a deal. I gave you some time to tell everybody the truth about how you really feel, and you haven't done anything about it yet. Guess how much time you have left?
Riley: Oh. This has something to do with New Year's, doesn't it?
Farkle: Tell them you still like Lucas, Riley. Just tell them the truth. Don't start a new year with a lie.
Riley: Farkle, Maya stepped back for me when she saw that I liked him. If if she has feelings for him, how could I not do the same for her?
Farkle: You don't know that. You don't know how she feels. I don't think she knows how she feels. You know why?
Riley: Because she can only read seven pages in three hours.
Farkle: Because all these things we're feeling are new. We don't know what they are yet. Harper said this all comes at a cost. What's your cost, Riley? Your own happiness?
Riley: Farkle, you said that you wouldn't tell anybody. How could you do this to me?
Farkle: I'm doing it for you, Riley. I care so much about you, I want you to know that the truth is always the best thing.
Riley: How is it the best thing if it turns everything into a mess?
Farkle: You don't think this is a mess already? I want you to tell them. I know you would have me do the same thing. You ever heard of the horn of Gabriel?
Riley: No.
Farkle: He's an angel. They say when he blows his horn, it's the end of time. If you don't tell everybody how you really feel his horn blows at midnight. Ha! Just because I don't do much doesn't mean I can't. [walks in] Okay, everybody. Riley's house. We're ringing in the new year. I'll be with Smackle at midnight. Who will you all be with?
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Mr. Matthews' History Classroom. Cory is teaching a lesson on friendship, growth, and feelings.
Cory: We form friendship before even we know what friendship means. We just know, "Hey, I like this person."
Charlie: It's nice we're all looking at each other.
Cory: We grow before we even know what growth means. We just know, "I see things differently now." And finally, we feel. And you know what we know from feelings? Nothin'. We just feel. It's how we know we're alive. But you have to be careful with feelings. They can tear apart friendship and growth.
Riley: Friends come first, and growth is knowing that your friends' happiness comes before your own.
Cory: That's nuts.
Farkle: You tell her, ham bone!
Riley: But Dad, you've always lived that way.
Cory: Not always, Riley. I didn't used to. But I learned the way you're learning now. Every event in history comes from people feeling something and then acting on those feelings, or sometimes being smart enough not to. That's how you grow.
Farkle: Is that on the test, sir?
Cory: It is.
Lucas: When is the test, sir?
Cory: Every day. Happy New Year, everyone.
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. English classroom. Harper Burgess is continuing the lesson on Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility.
Harper: Do you give in to your feelings or let your mind rule over your heart?
Maya: I follow my heart. It gets me into trouble.
Harper: What about you, Riley?
Riley: My mind tells me to do what's right.
Harper: Can anyone answer which is more valuable to follow?
Lucas: It depends on the situation.
Harper: No, it doesn't.
Lucas: Just taking a shot!
Harper: Very passionate.
Lucas: Thank you!
Harper: And that's where we run into trouble.
Lucas: You set me up!
Harper: The untamed heart can be reckless and sometimes harmful to yourself and to others. But pure intellect, never following your heart, is a life unlived. Sense and Sensibility. What's the most important word in the title?
Riley: "Sense".
Maya: "Sensibility".
Harper: Farkle?
Farkle: "And". Head "and" heart. You need to use both.
Harper: Very good.
Farkle: You have until New Year's Eve. This horn blows at midnight.
Interior. The Matthews' Apartment. The living room/kitchen. Riley and Topanga are talking before Auggie comes in.
Auggie: I ain't doin' it.
Riley: Yeah, okay.
Topanga: Oh, Riley. Take a look around. These are the people of your life last year, this year, and for at least the next four years of high school. Treat them right. Here's to the right decisions for the right reasons. Happy New Year, my daughter.
Riley: Oh, I got it. (Doorbell rings) I got it.
Smackle: Hello, Riley. Happiest of New Year's.
Riley: Oh.
Smackle: Tell me when the pressure is sufficient.
Farkle: All you have to do is mean it, Smackle.
Smackle: One thing at a time!
Farkle: Tick, tick, tick.
Riley: Okay! Yeah, yeah. Farkle, welcome to my party. Have a great time.
Smackle: You know, Riley, as a spinster you may not be aware, but romance is very much in play on New Year's Eve. Isn't that right, dearest?
Farkle: Yes. I'm told who you're with when the clock strikes 12:00 is how you'll spend the coming year.
Smackle: I will certainly be with you. Unless my third wheel tries to intervene.
Lucas: I'm not your third wheel, Smackle. I just arrived at the same time.
Smackle: Desperation doesn't look good on you, Lucas, even though everything else does.
Farkle: Smackle!
Smackle: Which part was I not supposed to say out loud?
Farkle: You can say whatever you want. She's mine.
Lucas: Tell her that!
Lucas: Hi.
Maya: Hi.
Riley: Hi.
Charlie: Heard this is gonna be awkward. Mr. and Mrs. Matthews.
Cory: Charlie. Topanga, this is Charlie Gardner.
Topanga: Oh! Hi, Charlie.
Charlie: Hi. I'm a good person.
Topanga: Okay.
Charlie: Uh, what are these? Games? Yeah, these are games.
Cory: We got The Family Game, The Friends Game, The Couples Game, and Twister. No Twister.
Charlie: The Couples Game, please.
Cory: I wouldn't.
Charlie: The Couples Game, please.
Cory: I done what I can. Does it have to be next year already?
Topanga: Actually, we've still got an hour until it's next year. Let's recap what we have thus far. You and me, Riley and Auggie, all of these friends and family, you and me, no matter what happens. Next year, bring it on.
Cory: Happy New Year, Topanga.
Topanga: Happy New Year, Cory Matthews.
Riley: What do you got there, Charlie?
Charlie: It's The Couples Game. Wanna play?
Lucas: What is it?
Charlie: Shows if you'd be a good couple or not. Wanna play?
Riley, Maya and Lucas: No!
Charlie: What's wrong, Lucas? Scared?
Lucas: No, I'm not scared of anything. Let's go.
Charlie: Riley, think you might find this interesting. Would you like to be my partner?
Riley: Sure.
Lucas: You and me?
Maya: Sure.
Smackle: I like it better when we're on the same team, my former nemesis. And now, I go like this.
Riley: Okay, first question is for us. "What is your partner's favorite movie snack?" I know this. It's popcorn and licorice.
Charlie: When something funny happens and she thinks she's laughed too hard, she looks around the theater to see if anybody heard her. And if she thinks something scary is gonna happen, she reaches out and grabs your arm.
Lucas: And she doesn't even know she did.
Charlie: It's not your turn, Friar!
Lucas: And that wasn't the question, Gardner! What's her favorite snack?
Charlie: Gummies.
Lucas: Yeah, but that -
Charlie: Red.
Lucas: Yeah, but what does she -
Charlie: She bites their heads off first so they feel less pain.
Lucas: He's like a creepy creep-creep!
Maya: Why are you interested?
Lucas: I'm not.
Maya: Okay. You wanna pick a card for us?
Lucas: Yeah. "How would you describe your personality: library or campfire?" Oh. Well, you know... (Eats the card)
Maya: Huckleberry, it's just a game. "Is it possible to love two people at the same time?" Um. (Eats the card) Yum!
Smackle: Our turn. "What is your partner's most ticklish place on their body?"
Riley: Uh, Farkle and Smackle -
Maya: How would they possibly -
Lucas: Know anything like that?
Riley: Huh. Okay.
Riley: Um we'll do one more. "Have you ever kept a secret from somebody you love?" Game over.
Farkle: Why? Because you know secrets are dangerous?
Riley: No, Farkle. Because it's almost midnight.
Farkle: And you know what happens at midnight.
Riley: Okay, it's time to go up to the roof.
Lucas: I just happen to be standing next to you.
Smackle: Who's the creepy creep-creep now?
Interior. Rooftop. Riley had dragged Farkle all the way up the stairs.
Riley: Farkle!
Farkle: You dragged me all the way up the stairs, I liked it!
Riley: I just need a little more time.
Farkle: No more time! We made a deal, Riley. We're not starting off the new year with lies between friends.
Riley: I'm lying for my friend, Farkle.
Farkle: I don't think you know what you're doing. I don't think she knows what she's doing.
Riley: Do you know?
Farkle: I'm sorry, Riley. This is all new for me too. All I know is that we should always tell each other the truth.
Riley: Farkle if you really care about me I know that you will do the right thing.
Farkle: I do. And I will.
Smackle: Hi, Farkle. Hi, girl who's not going to be with Farkle at midnight because I am because he's mine.
Interior. The Matthews' Apartment. The living room. Maya is left behind on the couch and is discovered by Cory and Topanga.
Cory: Not much of a mess at all really.
Topanga: Yeah. Good bunch of kids, although they left behind a whole human being.
Maya: I'm a mess. Who's gonna clean me up?
Cory: "What's the matter," honey?
Maya: I'm a little confused. You're right again, aren't you, Matthews?
Cory: Yes I am. About what?
Maya: How easy it is to get torn apart by feelings you don't understand. It's gonna be a tough year, isn't it?
Topanga: Oh, it doesn't get any easier. That's why you have to stick close to the people you trust so they can put you back together again.
Maya: Yeah. They're all right here, aren't they?
Cory: Yeah. They all are.
Topanga: So, why don't you go join them?
Cory: Happy New Year, Maya.
Maya: Happy New Year.
Topanga: You and me. Next year?
Cory: Bring it on.
Exterior. The rooftop. Charlie walks towards Riley.
Charlie: Riley, I think I've proven that I care about you and that I've learned a lot about you. I'd really like it if you were standing with me at midnight.
Riley: Everything you say makes sense, Charlie.
Charlie: Is that enough?
Riley: No. It's not. You said it. You know it. A good relationship needs more. And you deserve more. I'm sorry.
Charlie: Don't be. See what the new year brings.
Maya: This spot taken?
Lucas: I was saving it.
Maya: For who?
Lucas: I don't know anymore.
Maya: Hey, Lucas?
Lucas: Yeah?
Maya: Have I ever said anything nice to you?
Lucas: No.
Maya: Well it's one minute to midnight, and I'm glad you're standing here.
Lucas: Wow. That kind of makes up for everything.
Auggie: Everybody's with someone, huh?
Charlie: Yeah.
Auggie: You know what?
Charlie: What?
Auggie: This is the first New Years I ever made it to midnight.
Charlie: Congratulations.
Celebrators: Ten, nine -
Charlie: Ready to count it down?
Celebrators: Eight
Auggie: Yeah.
Both: Seven, six, five, four three two one!
Farkle: Riley still loves Lucas.
Riley: Happy New Year.
Yogi: Thank you for a wonderful evening.
Farkle: I'm sorry, guys. I did the right thing. I hope you can forgive me. Happy New Year.
Maya: It's midnight.
Riley: Here we are.

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