The system works!
—Haley to Riley

Haley is a background student character who briefly attends Mr. Matthews' history class in the second season of Girl Meets World. She tends to sit in the back rows of the class.




  • She first appears in Girl Meets Creativity.
  • She won a bet with Jade that Farkle was a real boy.
  • Along with Sarah, she got to shoot her 'impossible' goal into the recycle bin.
  • Her name is revealed by Mr. Matthews in Girl Meets Rileytown.
  • Her final appearance was Girl Meets STEM.
  • She and Jade exchanged Forgiveness Project letters.
  • Sally
    She is physically identical to the character of "Sally" featured in the 1950s educational film "He Asked Me, He Asked Me, He Really Asked Me," seen in Girl Meets Semi-Formal; they are both played by the same actress, Haley Hauser.


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