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I actually feel I deserve what I get. But I have all kinds of different issues.
—Harley to Cory

Harvey "Harley" Keiner (referred to as Janitor Harley) was a recurring character in the first two seasons of Girl Meets World. Harley was a recurring character in season 2 of Boy Meets World.

Harley is portrayed by Danny McNulty.


In Boy Meets World, Harley was the school bully at John Adams High and often bullied Cory Matthews. Harley was much older than all the other high schoolers in the school when he went to school with Cory, because of being held back many times. He now works as the head janitor at the John Quincy Adams Middle School, a job which was given to him with help from Cory.

Now a mature adult, Harley is much friendlier than his former teenage self, and as shown in "Girl Meets Flaws", which was his second appearance on Girl Meets World, he has come to respect Cory.


Harley comes across as a bad boy with a good soul, taking his job seriously. Despite being older, he always has a bit of mischievousness in his eyes.



Theresa Keiner

Theresa is Harley's younger sister. She prefers to be called by her initials, "T.K." Cory went on a date with Theresa in the episode "Sister Theresa," at first not knowing she was the younger sister of Harley.


Frankie Stecchino

Frankie was Harley's old friend from high school.

Joey Epstein

Joey was Harley's old friend from high school.

Cory Matthews

Main article: Cory Matthews
See also: Cory and Harley

Cory eventually became good friends with Harley, despite the friction of their past, and helped him get a job at John Quincy Adams Middle School as a custodian. Harley also seems to idolize Cory, as he tells the kids that he holds him in the highest esteem, despite calling him Johnny Baboon when Cory walked into Janitor Harley's custodial office. Harley and Cory have become so close to where Harley can immediately tell when he has a lesson being taught. Harley also adores Riley, giving her nickname "Little Zippy".


I appreciate you, Baboon.
"Hey! Johnny Baboon!"


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • Harley was the first returning character from Boy Meets World not to receive an audience reaction, the second being Tommy.
  • Harley has a close affinity with the main kids, especially Riley - whom he affectionately nicknames "Little Zippy".
  • Despite making amends with Cory, Harley still seems to dislike Eric Matthews - though to a lesser extent than in the original series. Nevertheless, he supports Eric's senatorial campaign and applauds for him when he reunites with his old friend, Tommy.
  • In Girl Meets Legacy, the main four kids each say goodbye to a faculty member that meant a lot to them during their time at John Quincy Adams. Lucas chose to say goodbye to Harley, and the two share a bittersweet farewell with Harley giving Lucas some parting words of wisdom "Make good decisions".
  • Harley makes a non-speaking cameo in the series finale, Girl Meets Goodbye. He is one of two characters to not have any lines, the other being Stuart Minkus. He and Minkus had a scene together, but it was cut out for unknown reason. Danny McNulty posted the script on his Instagram account.


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