Love is never easy, and often comes at great cost. And the relationships that seem the strongest are the most tragically torn apart.
—Harper to her class in Girl Meets the New Year

Harper Lee Burgess is a minor character on Girl Meets World. She first appears in Girl Meets the New Teacher, and is portrayed by Tania Gunadi.


When Mr. Garaboski, the English teacher, quits mid-term John Quincy Adams Middle School hires young Harper Burgess, in her first teaching position, to replace him. While she soon garners the support of her students, the clash of personalities between herself and Principal Yancy threaten her new career.


Friendly and eager to teach, she is still very much her own person. She allows her students to call her by her first name. She is not afraid to disregard authority in order to do what she feels is right.


Season 2

Girl Meets the New Teacher

Girl Meets the New Year


This story is a continuation from an original series of characters. Do you guys know what that means?
They're smarter than they want us to know.


  • Her father named her after Harper Lee, the author of To Kill A Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman.
  • She believes Riley Matthews is fortunate to have Cory as her teacher.
  • She shares similarities with Jonathan Turner and Cory Matthews.
  • She is very protective of her motorcycle.
  • Tania Gunadi has appeared in Disney Channel series Even Stevens and Phil Of The Future, as well as DCOMs Go Figure! and Pixel Perfect.
  • For Disney XD, Gunadi starred in Aaron Stone and voices Sashi Kobayashi for the animated series Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero.


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