You're making me feel things!
[in a flirty tone, after finding Zay next to her] What'd I miss?

Isadora and Zay is the friendship/romantic pairing of Isadora Smackle and Zay Babineaux.

Other names

  • Zay and Isa/dora- Zaydora
  • Zay and Is/adora- Zayadora
  • Z/ay and Sm/ackle- Zackle
  • Sm/ackle and Z/ay or Sma/ckle and Za/y- Smay


Season 3

Girl Meets a Christmas Maya

  • Zay gets Smackle a book based on etiquette and proper manners.
  • He decides to cross out some of the lines and write in some of his own in the margins representing what Smackle means to him.
  • Zay thinks that Smackle is unique.

Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen

Similarities and Differences


  • Both attend Abigail Adams High School.
  • Both are in the ninth grade.
  • Both are part of the core six.
  • Both have brown hair.


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