Jack Hunter is a guest character in Girl Meets World. Jack was also a main character in Seasons 5-7 in Boy Meets World. He has made only one appearance on this series.


Girl Meets World

Season 2

Girl Meets Semi-Formal


Jack: What, I need a reason to see my friend?
Jack: You're still an idiot genius, aren't you?
Jack: Remember when we were kids, and the toughest choice we had was which one of us was going to end up with Rachel?


  • Shawn is his paternal half-brother.
  • He and Shawn first bonded over their love of ice skating.
  • He claims to be older than Eric by three months.
  • He has an uncle who owns a box factory.
  • His father, Chet, died the day before his birthday.
  • He is the straight man next to Eric's antics.
  • In an episode of Boy Meets World, Jack gives his name as Jack Connor. While it may be an alias, it is possible that Connor is his mother's surname or his stepfather's surname, which he adopted as he spent most of his life with them as opposed to Chet and Shawn Hunter.
  • He graduated from Pennbrook University in 2000 with a degree in architectural engineering.
  • He went into the Peace Corps with Rachel after graduation.
  • He left the Peace Corps sometime after, and broke up with Rachel, revealing to Eric that he has not spoken to her in a very long time.
  • Jack has appeared in 64 episodes of Boy Meets World.
  • Jack only appeared in one episode of Girl Meets World.
  • Oddly, the fact that Jack and Shawn are brothers is never mentioned in the episode he appears in, nor does Shawn ever mention Jack.


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