Jade is a background student character in Girl Meets World. A quiet student, she generally sits in the third desk of the first row. Along with the rest of her JQA classmates she attends Abigail Adams High School.


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Season 2

Season 3


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  • Although she was present in the classroom while filming Girl Meets Boy, she does not appear on screen until Girl Meets Father.
  • Was a Jungle Girl for Halloween.
  • Her flaw is "Stubborn."
  • She is considered one of the "Good Kids."
  • Agreed with Sarah that they would be willing to follow Riley anywhere.
  • She lost bets with both Yindra and Haley that Farkle was not a real boy.
  • Credited as Student #4 in Girl Meets Rules.
  • She killed 7 Chelseas.
  • Name confirmed by Mr. Matthews in Girl Meets Rileytown.
  • She was a Witch for the Central Park Spooktacular.
  • Jade is the only known left-handed female student in the History class.
  • She and Haley exchanged Forgiveness Project letters.
  • She welcomed the New Year with Dave.
  • During Girl Meets Father, she is seen winking in the background during the part that Lucas gives Maya the flower in her mouth.
  • She takes Spanish from Señora Feinstein-Chang .
  • Is a member of the Nature Club.


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