Jedidiah Lawrence is the father of Topanga Lawrence, the father-in-law of Cory Matthews, and the paternal grandfather of Riley and August Matthews.


A short while before the start of season 7 of Boy Meets World, he and his wife Rhiannon were planning to divorce. This affected Topanga emotionally and she was afraid that she might end up like her parents, so she ended her relationship with Cory. However, she later rekindled her relationship after her mother told her that she and Jed were not like Cory and Topanga.


Jedidiah comes across as normal. He seems to have a more formal disposition than most.


  • Rhiannon Curtis - ex-wife


  • Rhiannon, Topanga's mother, threw him out because he fell in love with another woman, Marie.
  • He was portrayed by 3 different actors in Boy Meets World.
  • He had various jobs over the course of Boy Meets World.