Jeffrey is a background student character in Girl Meets World.  He seems to have no preferred spot to sit in particular within Mr. Matthews' History class. Along with the rest of his JQA classmates he attends Abigail Adams High School.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3



  • His first appearance was in Girl Meets Popular.
  • His flaw is "Quiet".
  • Mr. Matthews once confiscated his frisbee.
  • He is considered a "Good Kid".
  • He killed 5 Chelseas.
  • Upon giving Jeffrey his yearbook, Farkle advises him to calm down, as he is involved in too many school activities.
  • Name revealed by Mr. Matthews in Girl Meets Rileytown.
  • Was a Viking for the Central Park Spooktacular.
  • Is a member of the Nature Club.
  • Unlike the rest of the GMW acting extras, Jeffrey does not have any kind of social online media presence.
  • He has also been a Camp Kikiwaka Camper on Bunk'd.
  • He has also appeared in the Full House sequel series, Fuller House.


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