Jennifer: Thank you for marrying me.
Stuart: Yeah, well, you told me to.

Jennifer and Stuart is the romantic pairing between Jennifer Bassett Minkus and Stuart Minkus, the parents of Farkle Minkus on Girl Meets World.


Boy Meets World

While never depicted as actually interacting together, the pair were established as fellow students at Philadelphia's John Adams High School along with Cory Matthews, Topanga Lawrence, and Shawn Hunter.

Girl Meets World

Season 2

Girl Meets Farkle

Girl Meets Money


We fell in love; she told me.
—Stuart to Cory


  • They both attended John Adams High.
  • They both had an antagonistic relationship with Shawn and Cory.
  • Occasionally, Jennifer has been known to throw her engagement ring at Stuart.
  • They have traveled the world.
  • The name of the family pet cat is Fluffy.
  • Their residence has a birdbath.
  • They were unable to produce Farkle's birth certificate for several months.
  • They offer live penguins as parting gifts at Farkle's "Genuis Party."
  • While weathering Farkle's autism crisis, they reinforce their relationship with the Matthews.  
  • Their son, Farkle, keeps a picture of them all as a family, by his bed.


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