Hey, Matthews, I know it was you that chose Harper for these kids. Is that maybe because maybe she, uh, reminded you of someone?
—Jonathan Turner to Cory in Girl Meets the New Teacher
You know, Maya, I talked with Shawn and your mom about this. I always regretted that I never adopted Shawn.

Jonathan Turner is a recurring character in Girl Meets World. Turner was also a main character in Boy Meets World in Season 2 through 4. He made his first appearance on Girl Meets World in "Girl Meets the New Teacher". He is portrayed by Anthony Tyler Quinn.

Boy Meets World

Jonathan Turner (referred to as Mr. Turner) was CoryShawn, and Topanga's English teacher, and their homeroom teacher, at John Adams High School. In the episode Home, he is the one who takes Shawn in as a guardian as a result of his father leaving to look for his mother. Shawn's father comes back and lives with Shawn again. Mr. Turner cared for Shawn deeply as a son of his own. Sometimes, it is shown that he cares more about Shawn then his own father does. He later gets into a serious motorcycle accident in the BMW episode Cult Fiction, but survives, although he is never physically seen on the show ever again. He is mentioned by Minkus in the BMW episode Graduation.


Mr. Turner is a funny and sarcastic man. But, sometimes he can be very serious.


Mr. Turner had a few ex-girlfriends, but his longest and known relationship was with Katherine "Kat" Tompkins. Season 3 onwards, there have been no mention of her or appearance her, which concludes that she and Turner broke up. He reveals in his appearance that he married his nurse who took care of him after the bike crash. when Principal Yancy asked if it was because he fell in love with her, he joked it was because in case he got into an accident, she would help him.


The Centre is filled with lost souls who have no belief system, who are targets for some guy to bring over to his way of thinking. The Shawn Hunter that I know is one of the most unique individuals I’ve ever met. And if you let this place take away who you really are, Shawn, then you’ve made the worst judgment you can make. You made the judgment.
Yeah, I did. His dad was a little off and on. No kid should have that.
No, I wasn't.
Yes, Maya. I loved him like a son. I still do.
That has to be preparation that a teacher puts into a lesson plan and what the students take from it.
Now I'd prefer somebody who is unfamiliar with the material. Somebody who is notoriously unteachable.
Stuart Minkus' kid?
Super genius?
Real human boy?
Does anyone understand the significance of Harper's name in regards to the author of "To Kill A Mockingbird"?
You're doing a bang up job with her, Matthews.
There's a pretty cool bike parked next to your sensible sedan. What, what, did you buy that from Feeny?
I know.
He was a wonderful student.
He tried his best.
He was so bad he became a teacher so he could go back to school again.
You did that in two days?
She did that in two days.
Look, Yancy, I'll observe Harper's class, make my decision on her. I made my decision on Matthews long ago. I hired him, you know
Don't ask me. I read comic books.
Cory, you were listening!
Okay. So why do I have to do anything?
Thanks for telling the truth.
Right up until the day the bike and I both got totaled. But, things happen for a reason. I married my nurse.
Nah, in case it ever happens again.
So I hear you want to dismiss a couple of educators, Yancy?
My first day I taught the X-Men.


  • He ran away from a rich life-style in Connecticut to be a teacher.
  • His best friend is Media Arts teacher, Eli Williams.
  • He rode a motorcycle in BMW, and still does.
  • He became a teacher at John Adams High at the beginning of BMW season 2, where he was the homeroom teacher for Cory, Shawn, and Topanga.
  • He housed Shawn when his mom ran away and his dad followed her. During this time, he developed a strong relationship with Shawn.
  • He put off becoming Shawn's legal guardian, and Shawn's dad returned before he was forced into becoming it.
  • He remained close to Shawn and Cory, even after Shawn moved out.
  • He was in a motorcycle accident in Cult Fiction. He didn't die, but was never seen in the series again.
  • He has mentioned by Stuart Minkus in Graduation.
  • It was revealed he relocated to New York City.
  • Like Shawn Hunter, Riley considers Jonathan Turner to be an uncle.
  • He was the one who hired Cory as the JQAMS History teacher.
  • Like Harper Burgess, he rode a motorcycle and taught using comic books.
  • He married his nurse, who took care of him after his motorcycle accident.
  • He tells Maya that he did, and still does, view Shawn as his own son.
  • According to Riley, Turner comes over to the Matthews' apartment a lot.
  • He once gave Topanga an A- on an assignment, causing her to hold a grudge against him.


Season 2

Season 3


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