Riley: Uncle Josh!
Josh: Riley!

Josh and Riley is the family/friendship relationship pairing between Joshua and Riley Matthews.


Season 1

Girl Meets Home for the Holidays

  • Josh and Riley greeted each other by hugging.
  • When Maya hugs Josh, Riley looks embarrassed and pulls her off him.
  • They are both invited on the trip with Shawn.
  • Riley and Josh ate their Christmas dinner in five minutes.

Girl Meets Game Night

  • Josh and Riley attended Game Night.
  • Josh and Riley spent the night at the Matthews.
  • Josh strokes Riley's hair.
  • Riley invites Josh to have Game Night with them.

Girl Meets First Date

Season 2

Girl Meets the Tell Tale Tot

  • Josh came to visit Riley and her family.
  • Riley hugged Josh.
  • Josh told the college group of girls to give Riley back after temporarily "kidnapping" her.
  • Riley suspects Josh for telling Cory and Topanga about her and Maya sneaking out. 
  • Josh told Riley he would never rat her out and tell Cory and Topanga about her sneaking out to his college party. 

Season 3

Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 1)

  • Josh takes care of Riley (and her friends) when they're at the ski lodge.
  • Riley notices Josh when he comes as a chaperone for the trip.

Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 2)

  • Riley asks Josh when would be the right time to understand her own feelings.
  • Riley asks why her and Maya like the same guy, referring to Lucas.
  • Josh questions Riley on why Maya would give up who she is to be like Riley.
  • Josh helps Riley realize that she's been protecting Maya and wanting to share her experiences.

Girl Meets Bear

  • Josh tells Riley and her friends about his new roommate in college.
  • Josh convinces Riley to spend time looking for her bear since it's important to her.
  • Riley knows that Josh will try his best to get along with his new roommate after he stays and helps her look for her bear.

Similarities and differences


  • They both have brown hair.
  • They are both friends with Maya, Lucas, and Farkle
  • They are both close to Cory
  • Riley and Joshua both ate the Christmas dinner in 5 minutes
  • Both are teenagers
  • Both live in America


  • Joshua is a male, but Riley is a female
  • Riley is 5'5, when Joshua is 5'10
  • Riley lives in New York City when Joshua lives in Philadelphia
  • Riley has appeared in 20 episodes in season 1, when Joshua had 3
  • Joshua has 2 brothers but Riley has 1
  • Joshua has 1 sister, but Riley does not have any sisters
  • Riley is a main character and Josh is a recurring character


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