Joshua Jacobs is an American television writer. He served as a staff writer for Girl Meets World .

GMW Episodes Written


  • Joshua is the son of Creator/Executive Producer Michael Jacobs.
  • It is likely the character Joshua Matthews.was named after him.
  • His script for Girl Meets Commonism, was nominated for a Writers' Guild award.
  • He and his brothers David and Aaron, wrote scripts for GMW.
  • According to Michael Jacobs, despite his misgivings over the appearance of nepotism, it was his wife, Patti, who "commanded" him to make Joshua a staff writer on GMW.
  • Along with his siblings, Rachel, David, and Daniel, Joshua made appearances on Boy Meets World.
  • In his youth, Joshua appeared in the BMW episodes "Eric Hollywood" and "It's About Time."
  • His appearance in "Eric Hollywood" would prove to be prophetic, as his role was as a television writer for "Kid Gets Acquainted With the Universe."
    Josh Jacobs

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