Katy, Maya and Shawn is the familial relationship between Katy Hart, Maya Hart and Shawn Hunter. Their relationship commenced in season 1 and continued throughout the show. They officially become a family in "Girl Meets I Do", when Katy and Shawn got married.


Season 1

Girl Meets Master Plan

  • Riley and Cory try to pair Katy and Shawn together, as Riley wants Shawn to be Maya's dad.

Season 2

Girl Meets Hurricane

  • Katy asks Shawn out, and Shawn accepts with Maya's blessing.

Season 3

Girl Meets Upstate

  • Shawn proposes to Katy in front of Maya (and her friends), and Katy accepts.

Girl Meets I Do

  • Katy and Shawn get married, and Shawn becomes Maya's stepfather.

Girl Meets Goodbye

Similarities and Differences


  • All three of them have had a poor family life.
  • All three of them have lived on a low income.
  • All three of them are close friends with members of the Matthews' family.


  • Katy and Maya were already family; however, Shawn had no wife or children prior to his marriage.
  • Shawn is a brunet, while Katy and Maya are blonde.
  • Shawn is from Philadelphia, while Katy and Maya are from New York.


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