Katy and Cory is the friendship pairing between Katy Hart and Cory Matthews.


Season 1

Girl Meets Maya's Mother

  • Cory introduces Katy to his class.
  • Katy apologises for just walking in.
  • Cory isn't mad at Katy for just walking into his class.

Girl Meets Master Plan

  • Cory (and his family) tries to set Katy up with Shawn.
  • Cory thinks Katy has forgotten to get a birthday cake for Maya.

Season 2

Girl Meets Hurricane

  • Cory is there when Katy asks Shawn out and is smiling.

Season 3

Girl Meets Upstate

  • Cory knows that Shawn is going to propose to Katy.
  • Cory is smiling when Shawn proposes to Katy and is happy.

Girl Meets I Do

  • Cory gives Katy away to Shawn at their wedding.
  • Katy smiles at Cory before they walk down the isle.
  • Cory stares at Katy as they walk down the isle.

Similarities and Differences


  • They're close friends and have the same friends.
  • They're both married.
  • They both have at least one child.


  • Katy has been divorced, but Cory hasn't.
  • Cory has two children and Katy has one.
  • Katy has blonde hair, whilst Cory's is brown.


  • Their daughters are life long best friends.
  • Cory gives Katy away to Shawn at her wedding.


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