Isadora: Riley's confidence in her relationship with Maya is far stronger than her confidence in Lucas.
Farkle: Well, what can we take from this?
Isadora: I end up with Lucas.
Farkle: Smackle!
Isadora: Yeah, like yelling at me is gonna change the course of destiny.
Lucas: And now, here we are. Finally alone. And there is something I want to admit to you.
Isadora: You're hot for my mind?
Lucas: No.
Isadora: You mean you only see me as a steaming cauldron of woman?
Lucas: Okay.
Isadora: Lucas Friar, my heart belongs to someone else.
Lucas: Say it louder.
Isadora: Must I torture you?
Lucas: Would you please?
Isadora: I just always say those things because I guess I'm a little insecure that Farkle doesn't really, really like me as much as he says, so I guess I'm just trying to protect myself.
—Lucas and Isadora in Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen

Lucas and Isadora is the romantic and/or friendship pairing between Lucas Friar and Isadora Smackle. They are known as Smucas.

Ship names

  • Smucas (Sm/ackle and L/ucas)
  • Lackle (L/ucas and Sm/ackle)


Season 1

Girl Meets Smackle

  • Smackle flirts with Lucas trying to make Farkle jealous.
  • Smackle said Lucas is cute.

Season 2

Girl Meets Farkle

  • Smackle told Lucas to stop flirting with her, although he's not.
  • Lucas let Smackle wear his John Quincy Adams jacket.
  • Smackle tells Lucas to stop hitting on her, although he isn't.
  • When Lucas tries to talk to Smackle, Smackle told him to stop flirting with her even though he really wasn't; at the end of the episode, when the gang invited her to enroll at John Quincy Adams, Lucas lets Smackle wear his letterman jacket.

Girl Meets the New Year

  • Smackle calls Lucas her third wheel in her relationship with Farkle.
  • Lucas and Smackle were standing next to each other and looking at each other when Farkle and Riley went up to the roof.
  • Lucas says he can't believe he is standing next to Smackle.
  • Smackle calls Lucas a creep after he coincidentally stands behind her when they both head up to the roof.

Season 3

Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 1)

Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen

Girl Meets Goodbye


Lucas: You have very nice eyes.
Isadora: Okay. They formed in utero, starting with my optic nerves and then my retinas.
Lucas: So it's okay with you if I just stay right here, right?
Isadora: Well, you know, Farkle's not here and you're invading my personal space like a Hun.
Lucas: If Farkle was here, you would be making a joke like I was hitting on you.
—Lucas and Isadora in Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen

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