I'm out!
—Mark Cuban's catchphrase

Mark Cuban plays himself in the Girl Meets Money episode of Girl Meets World.


Season 2

Girl Meets Money


Girl Meets Money

"People buy candy because they wanna give it to little kids that come to the door."

"It's not about buying candy; it's about smiley, happy kids. I have two amazing, smiley, happy kids right here; you are not taking Halloween away from them."

"But hunger. But poverty. But sickness. Yeah, I wanna get rid of them all. But you gotta give me an idea that works."

"No getting rid of Halloween! I'm out."


  • Mark Cuban is the sixth real life personality to play themselves on the series after Herbie Hancock, Jane Lynch, Sheppard, Perez Hilton, and Maddie & Tae. His credit reads "Mark Cuban as Mark Cuban."
  • His real life daughters, Alexis Sophia and Alyssa, cameo as themselves at Topanga's. Although their brother, Jake, also attended the taping, he did not make an appearance.
  • He is an old friend of Stuart Minkus.
  • Riley's brazen displays of her allegiance to the New York Knicks do little to affect him.
  • He calls Lucas "Miss America."
  • He helps Minkus and the Matthews establish the Minkus Family Foundation in an informal pitch session reminiscent of his television series Shark Tank.
  • Pitches From The Kids:
    • Riley-Replace Halloween with "Malaria Day."-Rejected.
    • Lucas-World Peace (without a clear plan to implement it). Rejected..
    • Farkle-Invest in Maya Hart. Approved.
    • Maya-Fix what she can in her own life, and help other people when she can. Approved.


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