Why does it say that? It's cryptic! You can't teach us cryptic! What are you trying to get away with?
—Marly to Cory

Marly Evans is a character introduced in Season 3 of Girl Meets World. She is the new face in the World History class and is not very happy about it. Marly openly takes issue with Mr. Matthews' teaching methods.


Girl Meets High School (Part 1)

Marly is sitting in World History class and asks Cory what is written on the board. She begins to challenge its place on the board, calling the phrase cryptic. It is stated she sees through his teaching methods but not the lessons imparted through them, but in time she will accept them.

Marly presents herself in this episode as a snarky, slyly, assertive, intelligent teenager.  She is shown to look down upon Riley and her friends but at the same time be somewhat captivated by them, as she actively witnesses their heated exchange in class.

Girl Meets High School (Part 2)


Let me see if I get how ya teach. My boyfriend and I get into a fight... (to Riley) I was talking about you.
-Girl Meets High School (Part 1)


  • She first appears in the season 3 premiere Girl Meets High School (Part 1).
  • In a deleted scene, Marly asks if Riley and her group are the only ones who ever speak, and the entire class replies, "Sometimes Yogi."


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