Maya's Room is the bedroom of Maya Hart in Girl Meets World.


Maya's room isn't as decorated or as colorful as Riley's, but it's obvious Maya tried to make it her own. On top of her wood floor she has a white, yellow and pink rug. A reddish armchair with a throw pillow in the corner. Behind the chair is a door, probably leading to a bathroom or closet. Across from her chair is her bed. Her bed is covered in a purple duvet and more throw pillows. Under her bed, four suitcases are visible. A dresser is also visible in some shots.


  • Maya Hart
  • Ginger the Ferret (sometimes)



  • Maya's room was first shown in "Girl Meets World: Of Terror".
  • While on screen her room was decorated for Halloween.
  • The rest of the apartment hasn't been shown yet.
  • Maya's bedroom is near a bunny store.


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