I showed my work. People liked it. It made
me feel like I could be something someday.
Maya describing how displaying her art made her feel
Girl Meets World Logo This page is an art gallery for Maya Hart. Please add to the contents of this page, but only images that pertain to the article.


Season 1

Maya's City at Night

Maya's City At Night (Girl Meets Boy)

Riley in France

Riley In France (Girl Meets Maya's Mother)

Farkle in Nest

Farkle In Bird's Nest (Girl Meets Maya's Mother)

Riley With Hearts

Riley With Hearts (Girl Meets Maya's Mother)

Picture of Maya's moms diner

The Nighthawk Diner (Girl Meets Maya's Mother)

M&HUF Logo

Matthews & Hart Umbrella Foundation Logo
(Girl Meets Crazy Hat)

Maya's Castle

Maya's Castle (Girl Meets Friendship)

Season 2

Maya's Door

Maya's Door (Girl Meets Creativity)

Maya's Room With Friends

Maya's Room With Friends (Girl Meets Money)

The Friendship Bench

The Friendship Bench (Girl Meets Legacy)

Season 3

Maya's Bench

Maya's Bench (Girl Meets Triangle)

Maya's Purple Cat

Maya's Purple Cat (Girl Meets Triangle)

Christopher Park Hope Mural

Christopher Park Hope Mural (Girl Meets True Maya)

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