I want Shawn to be Maya's dad.
You're the reason, Maya, that I believe I could be a father someday.
Maya: Hey, Shawn. Am I your daughter now?
Shawn: That's how I'd like to think of you, if that's okay.
Maya after Shawn and Katy's wedding in "Girl Meets I Do"

Maya and Shawn is the friendship/father daughter relationship between Maya Hart and Shawn Hunter.


Season 1

Girl Meets Home for the Holidays

  • Neither of them saw how they were alike.
  • Maya wanted to talk to Shawn.
  • Maya confessed to Shawn that she wasn't okay with how he was making Riley feel.
  • Shawn agreed that Maya (and Riley) were like him (and Cory).
  • Maya was impressed when she found out Shawn had a job.
  • Maya and Shawn competed on who could say "Yeah" last.
  • Shawn invited Maya (and Riley) to come to Svorski's Bakery with him.
  • Maya was challenging Shawn on who is a better friend.
  • Maya agreed that it was fair that she knew Riley's birthday but she didn't abandon her friends like Shawn does. Shawn agreed it was fair as well.
  • Maya was impressed when Shawn remembered everything about when Riley was born.
  • Shawn was apart of Maya (and Riley's) scheme.
  • Maya appeared at the window when Shawn tried to leave through it.
  • Riley made Shawn and Maya talk to each other alone.
  • Maya and Shawn both opened up to each other about their parents.
  • Shawn said he'd never let anyone grow up like that.
  • Maya reminded him that she was growing up like he did, by repeatedly asking "You wouldn't?" until he understood what she meant.
  • Shawn acknowledged Maya's artistic ability when he gave Riley the camera, saying Riley could be good at taking pictures as Maya is at drawing them.

Girl Meets Master Plan

  • Shawn wants to take a picture of Maya and her mom.
  • Shawn comforts Maya.
  • Maya lets Shawn go through her moms purse.
  • Maya told Shawn about her mother not being there on her birthday.
  • Shawn went to her mom at the diner to confront her about this.
  • Shawn hugged Maya and wished her a happy birthday.
  • Maya is upset that Shawn went to confront her mother as she said, "People only get upset with each other when what they're talking about is important to them."
  • Shawn tells Katy he's very fond of Maya.
  • Shawn helps Katy pay for the locket she got Maya.
  • When Shawn asks Maya if she's doing anything special for her birthday, she says 'this is it'.(referring to their hug)
  • Shawn convinces Katy to be with Maya for her birthday.

Season 2

Girl Meets Pluto

  • They both went to Philadelphia.
  • Maya and her friends made a time capsule, which Shawn made with his friends 15 years ago.
  • Maya is upset when thinking about Shawn getting back with his ex.
  • Maya tells Shawn she wants him to be there for her, he agrees.
  • Maya put in the time capsule a picture of Katy and Shawn on her fourteenth birthday celebration in Girl Meets Master Plan. (Because Maya wants Shawn to be Maya's father)

Girl Meets Hurricane

  • Maya is happy that Angela is married so Angela can't date Shawn anymore.
  • Maya cried the first time for Shawn.
  • Shawn told Maya to change her style.
  • Maya said no one cared for her enough except for Shawn.
  • He hated to see her cry.
  • He sat in the daddy chair when she came out.
  • In GM Master Plan he asked if she was doing anything special for her bday, and she replied :" This is it"- referring to hugging him.
  • They hugged.
  • Shawn agreed to buy Maya an outfit.
  • Shawn said that he has kids, referring to Maya.
  • Shawn was blown away by how happy Maya looks.
  • Shawn tells Maya that he wants to be responsible for doing things
  • He tells her to go pick out more outfits.
  • Maya was listening to Angela Moore and Shawn's entire conversation.
  • Maya is excited about Katy and Shawn's date.
  • Shawn received Maya's blessing to date Katy.

Season 3

Girl Meets Upstate

  • Shawn helps Maya find her voice.
  • Maya brings the clothes Shawn bought for her.
  • Shawn knows what Maya was thinking for her birthday wish and how he's wished for the same thing his entire life.
  • Shawn says that he loves Maya and cares about her very much.
  • They both talk about how they've turned into a version of Cory and Riley.
  • Maya hugs Shawn after he talks about being very fond of her and how she's special.
  • Shawn continues to say encouraging things to Maya in order for her to find herself.
  • Shawn said Maya's the reason he could be a father someday.
  • Shawn says he will be there for Maya any day.
  • Maya is happy that Shawn cares for Katy.

Girl Meets I Do

  • When Maya asks Shawn if she is now his daughter, he says it's how he would like to think of her.

Girl Meets Goodbye

  • Shawn officially adopts Maya.

Similarities & Differences


  • Both have had an absent parent.
  • Both have rebellious natures.
  • Both are loyal and supportive of their friends.
  • Both love the arts (Shawn loves poetry and photography, while Maya loves singing and drawing)
  • Both did/do not have a stable family life.
  • Both are labeled as rebels.
  • Both of their families were/are poor.
  • Both are considered family by the Matthews.
  • They both have step and/or half-siblings.
  • Both always display an easy confidence.
  • Both were not invited to a geek party while their best friends were.
  • They both prefer to let things be.
  • In Boy Meets World, Shawn made a habit of entering Cory's room through the window, much like Maya enters Riley's through the bay window.
  • In the BMW episode "My Best Friend's Girl", Shawn asked out Topanga to get her & Cory together. In the GMW episode "Girl Meets First Date", Maya asks out Lucas as a plan to get him & Riley together; however, Maya does not actually go out with Lucas, while Shawn did go out with Topanga.
  • She said Lucas' name in Girl Meets The Secret Of Life like Cory and Shawn did with Minkus' in Killer Bee.
  • They both have blue eyes


  • Shawn is male, while Maya is female.
  • Shawn has finished school, while Maya has not.
  • Shawn has brown hair, while Maya has blonde.
  • Shawn is an adult while Maya is a student.
  • Shawn was primarily raised in Philadelphia, while Maya was raised in New York City.
  • While both of their fathers were absent, Chet only left Shawn for a year, and that was to find his love, Virna; Kermit (Maya's father), had simply abandoned Maya and her mother, Katy.
  • Shawn grew up without his biological mother, while Maya grew up without her father


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