Hello . . . I'm Merlin Scoggins.
—Merlin Scoggins

Merlin Scoggins is Lucas Friar's great-grandfather. He's a famous country singer. Merlin is portrayed by Peyton Meyer.


Merlin was a famous country singer. He meets May Clutterbucket, as well as Rosie McGee and Ginsburg at Cafe Hey, in the year 1961. Later, he went left instead right, and he ended up in jail.
1961 & 2014



Lucas Friar

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Lucas is Merlin's great-grandson. Both of them are from Texas.


"Hello... I'm Merlin Scoggins."



  • His one hit was entitled "Brother. Can You Spare Me Some Change?"
  • Merlin and his great-grandson, Lucas, are both portrayed by Peyton Meyer.
  • Merlin's song introductions are exact duplicates of those from Johnny Cash.
  • He is probably from Lucas's mom's side of the family, because his last name is not Friar.
  • There's a chance Pappy Joe is his son.
  • It is unknown whether or not Merlin is still alive or dead, but its likely he is still alive.


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