Morgan #1: I know what it's like to be the youngest one in the family. You think nobody is listening to you or your ideas, but they are. You're very important, and they'll take everything you say into consideration.
Auggie: How can I be sure that everything is gonna be okay?
Morgan #1: Because life knows that in order to be the best person you can be, sometimes it's good to stay..sometimes, you gotta go.
[gives a high-five to Morgan #2 who takes her place]
Morgan #2: I was once the youngest, just like you.
Auggie: Is there gonna be another me?!
Riley: Too late. Just you.
Morgan #2: Just know that your parents are gonna make the right decision for you. They always do. Trust them. They'll listen to you. Being the youngest is really important. You're the one they hold on to.
Morgan #1: Or not.
—Morgan Matthews to her nephew Auggie in Girl Meets Goodbye

Morgan Matthews is the third child and only daughter of Alan and Amy Matthews, younger sister to Cory and Eric, older sister to Joshua and aunt to Riley and Auggie. In seasons 1 and 2 of Boy Meets World, she was portrayed by Lily Nicksay as a sweet and cute younger sister as well as an innocent and funny younger child. Later in the series, she was portrayed by Lindsay Ridgeway, who gave the character a more sassy attitude, and who often made fun of her brothers, particularly Cory.


Season 2

Morgan is visible within the family portrait during the flashback in the Matthews Philadelphia home.

Season 3

Josh mentions to Maya that he has a sister that is much older than him.

When the Matthews mull moving to London, Auggie's aunt Morgan assures him that even though he is the youngest in the family, his concerns are being heard and taken into consideration.  She also notes this is probably the only instance of all the Matthews siblings being together in the same place (an in-joke as both actresses who played Morgan are present).


  • Eric affectionately called her "(The) Weasel" or "Wease" for short in season 1, but stopped when she told him she didn't like the name.
  • Neither Morgan nor Eric were mentioned in season 1 of Girl Meets World.
  • She enjoyed singing.
  • Struck up a friendship with noted young artist, Alexandra Nechita.
  • Morgan is the only member of the Matthews family not to have an episode of Boy Meets World depicting their birthday.
  • She and her mother, Amy, were the only females in her childhood household, which is why Amy has a close bond with her.
  • The first GMW appearance of the character is in "Girl Meets Cory and Topanga" - when the events of the BMW episode "Boy Meets Girl" are shown, Morgan (Lily Nicksay) is seen in the Matthews family portrait hung over the living room fireplace.   


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