Yep. This school's pretty messed up.
—Mr. Norton

Mr. Norton is a recurring character in Girl Meets World. He is the John Quincy Adams Middle School science teacher.




Morning, Farkle! What's new?
—Girl Meets STEM; first lines


  • He has done the "Marble Experiment" for 35 years with very few successful results.
  • He thinks highly of Farkle and Riley.
  • The science classroom number is 15.
  • He seems to like bow ties.
  • Originally, his name was Murphy, but was changed during filming to Norton, likely in honor of Ed Norton (the  character played by Art Carney from the 1950's TV series The Honeymooners) who as a "underground sanitation engineer" was very familiar with sludge.  This seems confirmed when in the last scene, Maya says the name in the same manner Ralph Kramden, (Norton's best friend, played by Jackie Gleason) would always call him by. 
  • Doucette is familliar to Disney Channel viewers from playing a neighbor on Good Luck Charlie (Mr. Willard) and Dog With A Blog (Mr. Trummer). Also, he has made appearances on the Disney XD series Zeke and Luther, Lab Rats and Kickin'  It.


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