Nicholas Jabonero is an American actor. He portrays the background role of Yogi in Girl Meets World.


  • He has two sisters, Reya and Nathalie, and a younger brother, Noah.
  • He considers Darby Walker as an older sister, off-set.
  • He had difficulty delivering his line in Girl Meets the Secret of Life, which required extra takes.
  • His favorite board games are Monopoly and Life.
  • He enjoys drawing, golf and building with Lego.
  • His dogs are named Gucchi and Snoopy.
  • He prefers the 'shipper' portmanteau of "Yorby," for Darby and Yogi

    Nicholas On 'Stuck in the Middle

    He cameoed as an unnamed student in the episode "Stuck in the School Photo" in the second season of Stuck in the Middle.
  • He owns two instagram accounts: one is public and the other one is private.  
  • He also appeared in the episodes "Vending the Rules," and "The Baxtercism of Levi Grayson," in the first season of Raven's Home.
    Snack Snitch

    Nicholas On Raven's Home

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