Peyton: Happy birthday, Sabrina. Hurr hurrr.
Sabrina: Thanks Huckleberry
—Peyton and Sabrina on Twitter.[1]

Peybrina is the friendship/romantic pairing of Peyton Meyer and Sabrina Carpenter.

For the character pairing, see Lucas and Maya.

Other Ship Names

  • Sapey (Sa/brina and Pey/ton)
  • Meypenter (Mey/er and Car/penter)
  • Peya (Pey/ton and Sabrin/a)
  • Seyton (S/abrina and P/eyton)
  • Peybrina (Pey/ton and Sa/brina


  • When Peyton was asked what his favourite moment with Sabrina was, he replied saying, "The prank war we had!"
  • In a selfie with the cast, Corey and Rowan are hugging while Sabrina and Peyton are hugging.
  • When asked who Peyton wanted to eat with, he said "Sabrina."
  • She once tackled him off-screen.
  • In a interview, they both said that their favourite Disney star was Selena Gomez.
Sabrina on Peyton's back
  • In a interview, it can be seen that Sabrina and Peyton, are doing most of talking to each other, while Rowan is not.
  • They took a picture together at Sabrina's Sweet 16 birthday party.
  • In a interview, Peyton said he had been to a few of Sabrina's concerts before.
  • During a live taping for a season 3 episode, when Peyton was walking away, Sabrina pulled him back.[2]
  • They often went to dinner together after shooting season 2 episodes.
  • During another season 3 live taping, Peyton smiled and stared at Sabrina.[3]
  • They were cuddling and he had his arm around her waist. Sabrina was also on Peyton's back and he was smiling. She then snuggled up to him like they were a couple and were both smiling. Sabrina had her hand on his chest. Peyton's mom, Lizzie, then said "A picture says a thousand emoji's."[4]
  • Peyton replied to Sabrina's tweet, saying "Okay, okay fine guys. Peybrina is real guys", hinting that they might be dating.[5]
  • They were caught holding hands, she was wearing his jacket and they have been acting like a couple several times.[6]
  • She invited him to see her family.[7]
  • Peyton wished Sabrina a happy birthday and said, "Happy birthday, Sabrina. Hurr hurr." Sabrina then commented back, "Thanks huckleberry". He also posted a picture of them together with her on his back.[8]
  • During the Girl Meets I Do cast call, Sabrina came out and Peyton started tickling her.[9]
  • They rode rollercoasters together and spent a lot of time together.[10]
  • He liked her Instagram post only about 40 seconds after she posted it.[11]
  • During or after the Girl Meets Triangle live taping, they are caught facing each other and holding hands tightly. They are doing this before a fan pans the camera around, seeing them.[12]
  • Sabrina was the first to notice Peyton when she was doing a live stream with Corey and said she missed Peyton. She told him to come to the camera.[13]
  • A fan asked Sabrina if her song, On Purpose, was about Peyton and she dodged the question.[14]
  • August Maturo's brother Ocean ships Sabrina and Peyton.[15]
  • Sabrina wished Peyton a happy birthday and said, "Okay okay, happy birthday querncia. I love ya with all my heart", and posted a picture of them together.[16]
  • Peyton's mom, Lizzie, tweeted, "Girlfriends always know what's up before boys do.#OnPurpose", hinting Peyton and Sabrina's relationship.[17] She then later deleted the tweet before posting another saying, "Its safe to say girls always know wassup with boys", and posted a picture of Peyton and Sabrina together.[18]
  • They did kiss for Girl Meets Texas (Part 2), but it was cut.[19]
  • In a season 3 photo with Corey and Rowan, Peyton and Sabrina are really close next to each other, with his arm around her and she has her hand on his.
  • Peyton said that he and Sabrina go to dinner together everywhere.
  • They went to Disney Land together.[20]
  • During an interview in August 2015, Payton only talked about Sabrina; no one else from the cast.[21]
  • They had a photo taken to together where Sabrina had her arm around Peyton with her head tucked into his neck and they both had their eyes closed.[22]
  • During the Girl Meets Triangle live taping, Sabrina asked Peyton "Are you doing this? Are you doing this?" and he playfully replied with "Chill". Peyton pulled up a stool so that they could have pictures taken together with a fan and he got really close to her.[23]
  • Also during the Girl Meets Triangle live taping, they were standing really close next to each other when signing autographs and Sabrina was still wearing Peyton's jean jacket.[24]
  • When the cast of GMW did RDMA or Dare on radio Disney, Peyton and Sabrina were next to each other the whole time, all of his questions were about her...and she was the one asking the questions, which he guessed correctly. They were both also matching in white and she complimented him. Sabrina always asked Peyton the questions first before Corey and August. When Sabrina was just about to get August to do his dare, Peyton got really close to Sabrina, staring at her, touching her shoulder and they were just staring at each other for a little while.[25]
  • Peyton kissed Sabrina on the cheek.[26]
  • He brought her flowers for her Peter Pan performance.
  • Peyton tweeted to Sabrina, "I knew you were gonna kill it!" and she replied with a yellow heart.[27]
  • They were texting each other.[28]
  • Sabrina told Peyton what car to get and he got it.[29]
  • Sabrina told Peyton to change his twitter layout and she changed it for him.[30]
  • They were dancing together.
  • During the Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project live taping, Peyton and Sabrina were next to each other the whole time and he had his arm around her back. Peyton kept staring at Sabrina.[31]
  • A magazine suggested who is the perfect kind of girl for Peyton and it featured Sabrina in the article. It also said that Sabrina's perfect match is Peyton.[32]
  • In a Disney Channel commercial, within a couple of seconds of the video, Peyton smiled and stared at Sabrina lovingly.[33]
  • Peyton went on Twitter just to like Sabrina tweet and he liked two Sabrina's pic without posting it.[34]
  • They did a Snapchat video together on August 15th, 2015.[35]
  • Peyton said the Girl Meets Texas trilogy had the biggest impact on him, which also included the kiss between him and Sabrina (even though it was cut from the episode), possibly hinting he liked kissing her.
  • They both prompted Sabrina's song, On Purpose, with Peyton saying, "I'm scared" and she said, "I'm nervous".[36][37]
  • They took another picture together.[38]
  • Peyton confirmed in late 2015 that he and Sabrina are dating and she replied with, "Shhhh, not yet". They then deleted the tweet.[39]
    • He then confirmed in October 2016 that they are dating since 2015[40]
  • Peyton cut the bristles off of Sabrina's toothbrush and she dunked water on him. Sabrina then called Peyton 'princess'.[41]
  • During the season 3 intro, there are lots of Peybrina moments.
Peybrina at the Evolution Tour
  • When Peyton was asked what his favourite Christmas song was, he said Silver Nights by Sabrina.[42]
  • Peyton cut the bristles off of Sabrina's toothbrush and she dunked water on him. Sabrina then called Peyton little princess.[43]
  • Sabrina said that Peyton is one of her favourite people in the world
  • They were holding hands
  • Sabrina wrote a song about Peyton
  • They had a photo taken together after or during the shooting of Girl Meets Legacy.[44]
  • Peyton retweeted Sabrina's tweet about her album, Evolution.[45]
  • Peyton attended Sabrina's Evolution tour.[46]
  • During World Meets Girl, they were near each other a lot and Peyton smiled at Sabrina.
  • Peyton retweeted Sabrina's tweet about the series finale.


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  5. R5 & Auslly ROCKS!!!!


  • There have been lots of fan videos made with the two.
  • They are sitting next to each other on service elevator.
  • In most cast group pictures, Sabrina seems to be next to Peyton, and/or smiling at him.
  • In recent posts, they are seen to be closer and Peyton's mother, Lizzie, has hinted that he and Sabrina might be dating, as well as shipping them together
  • He has met her family
  • August Maturo's brother Ocean ships them.
  • They've been out to dinner together alone
  • They kissed for Girl Meets Texas (Part 2), but it was cut.
  • Peyton confirmed on Twitter back in 2015 that he and Sabrina are dating.
  • A magazine has said that they are each other's perfect match.


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