You think there are heroes and villains?
There aren't. There are only kids who come and go.
You really think you've affected anybody?
—Yancy to Harper

Principal Yancy is a character in Girl Meets World. He is the Principal of John Quincy Adams Middle School. He first appeared in the season 2 episode, Girl Meets the New Teacher. He is portrayed by Stuart Pankin.


As the Principal of John Quincy Adams Middle School, Yancy is extremely strict, and firmly set in his ways. Yet, he also seems rather jaded in his job, as he claims to play no favorites among the student body, maintaining that he holds each pupil in equal disdain.


Yancy is not afraid to use the power of his title to intimidate his subordinates, but even though he is quick to threaten to terminate those who disregard his directives, Yancy does not have the authority to fire them (that authority falls to Superintendent Turner, his superior). Like most petty bullies, he is easily cowed in the presence of an individual possessing a position superior to his own.


Season 1

Mr. Matthews sends Maya to the principal after she douses the History classroom.

Season 2


Girl Meets the New Teacher

Comic books are against school policy.


  • He fails to make the connection between Harper's name and the author of To Kill A Mockingbird.
  • He is similar to George Feeny, the one exception being that Feeny had much more of a sense of humor.
  • He would have preferred to keep Mr. Garaboski, and not have had to hire Harper Burgess at all.
  • He originally did not hire Cory Matthews to be the history teacher.
  • When he attempted to fire Cory for standing up and defending Harper, Topanga later reminded Cory that Yancy doesn't have the authority to fire people; Superintendent Turner refused to let Cory or Harper go, much to Yancy's irritation.
  • After finding out that Cory and Turner go way back, that Turner hired Cory and that Turner visits Cory and his family a lot, he immediately retracts his complaints about Cory.
  • Stuart Pankin has previously appeared on Disney Channel shows That's So Raven, The Suite Life On Deck, and Shake It Up, as well as the Zenon DCOM trilogy.
  • Pankin also voiced Earl Sinclair from Michael Jacobs' Dinosaurs TV series.


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