But it feels like you're light years away!
—Red Planet Diaries (Theme Song)

Red Planet Diaries is a local and popular TV show on Girl Meets World. Red Planet Diaries is also Riley and Maya's favorite TV show.


Red Planet Diaries is Riley and Maya's favorite TV show. In Girl Meets Brother, the two girls didn't want to miss the season finale, which happened to be airing on the same night as Cory and Topanga's anniversary, also the night Riley was entitled to babysit Auggie. Similarly, in Girl Meets Her Monster, Riley and Maya binge-watch every episode before the series finale airs, but Topanga was not pleased with this as she needed Riley to help out at her bakery. Riley was grounded for three weeks as a punishment.


Not much of the plot is known. Ashley the Astronaut is a human from Earth who travelled to another martian planet and met "Blarg" an alien who is said to have 2 heads. Ashley fell in love with Blarg and had to choose between his two heads, but even though she is not used to their alien customs, she claimed in the season finale that she fell in love with Blarg's other head.

In the series finale, it is revealed that, in a shocking twist, Blarg was actually the human and everyone else was a martian. Farkle says this is because "the audience was mind wiped".

Known Characters

Not many characters are known in Red Planet Diaries, although Riley and Maya did mention a couple of the characters:

  • Ashley the Astronaut
  • Blarg (and Blarg's other head)

Theme Song

Lyrics to the Red Planet Diaries Theme Song:

Out here in space
I kiss your green face
But it feels like you're light years away


Oh Blarg, I know I'm from Earth and not used to your martian customs yet, but I think I'm in love with your other head.
—Ashley the Astronaut
But what does he have that I don't have?
Hey! I'm right here!
—Blarg's other head


  • Episode #67 of Red Planet Diaries is titled "A Mother's Vengeance", which is Amber Tweddington's final episode. There is a disclaimer warning that the episode contains violence, most likely meaning that she got killed off. The plot of this episode also mirrors the plot of Girl Meets Her Monster, which revolves around Riley getting into an argument with Topanga.