Riley's Bedroom is a room located in The Matthews' Apartment. It is one of the main locations on the show and is where many deep conversations happen. Riley decides to alter its appearance and redecorate it in Girl Meets the Bay Window when she and Maya began their freshman year in high school.


  • Duvet cover from Urban Outfitters
  • Mirror from Remodo
  • Framed art from PB Teen
  • Organizer from PB Teen
  • Hanging stars from PB Teen
  • Purple string lights from ModCloth
  • Bay window
  • 1 twin sized bed
  • A desk
  • Walk In Wardrobe/Closet
  • Drawers
  • Mirror




  • Throughout the series (with one or two exceptions), when Riley and Maya sit in the bay window, Maya always sits to Riley's right (the viewers' left).
  • In the 1920's, the Ghost Of The Bay Window lived there.
  • Rowan's favorite part of Riley's room is the little bulletin board by her bed and the bay window.
  • The room leads to a fire escape.
  • Maya and most of her and Riley's friends often enter through the window, from the fire escape.
  • Adult versions of Riley and Maya are depicted saying farewell to the room in Girl Meets the Bay Window

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