Lucas: Who would you choose?
Zay: Riley.
Lucas: You would?
Zay: I like Riley. I'd choose Riley, and I'd be happy with Riley.
Lucas: You would?
Zay: Yes! Decision over, it's Riley.
Zay: Hey, Riley.
Riley: Hey, Zay.
Zay: Just wanna let you know that I'll make sure Lucas is okay.
Riley: You will?
Zay: Oh, I'll walk him and feed him and make sure he never forgets about you.
Lucas: I will never forget about her.
Zay: That's a good boy! Good boy!
Riley: Thank you, Zay. Want to know something?
Zay: What?
Riley: Our circle of friends was never complete until you showed up.
—Zay and Riley in Girl Meets Goodbye

Riley and Zay is the friendship/romantic pairing of Riley Matthews and Zay Babineaux.

Ship Names

  • Ray (R/iley and Z/ay)
  • Rilay (Ril/ey and Z/ay)
  • Ziley (Z/ay and R/iley)
  • Zaley (Za/y and Ri/ley


Season 2

Girl Meets the Secret of Life

  • Zay called Riley "Sugar".

Girl Meets Texas (Part 1)

  • Riley (along with Maya) pretends to be Zay's girlfriends in order to make his crush jealous.
  • Riley tells Vanessa to give Zay a chance since he's a great guy.

Season 3

Girl Meets the Real World

  • Rileyhugszay
    Riley and Zay hug after he forgives her for eating his cookie.
  • Zay understands the real reason why Riley ate his cookie.
  • She sings a song she made up for him.
  • As she sings, she drags him out of the classroom.

Girl Meets Bear

  • Out of Riley's friends Zay is the one who really wanted to find Riley's bear.

Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York

  • Riley apologizes to one of Zay's grandmothers over the phone about eating the cookie.

Girl Meets Hollyworld

  • Riley congratulates Zay, thinking he got the role.

Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen

  • Riley tells Zay that their group was never complete until he moved to New York.
  • Zay offers to defend Lucas for Riley.

Girl Meets Goodbye

  • Riley trusts that Zay will keep Lucas gone when shes away.

Similarities and Differences


  • Riley and Zay are close friends with Lucas, along with Maya and Farkle.
  • They both have friends to who they can count on.


  • Zay was raised in Texas while Riley is from New York.
  • Zay is male; Riley is female.
  • Zay was a troublemaker while Riley is a goody two shoes.


  • Zay is the only one from the group that doesn't get in Riley's apartment through the window and uses the door until Girl Meets Upstate. He thinks it is rude and impolite. However, he seems to be comfortable enough in Riley's to even get food from her fridge as seen in Girl Meets Rileytown.


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