Sophie Miller is a minor character in Girl Meets World. She was Joshua Matthews' campus adviser, showing him around the NYU area to prepare him for the pre-college program.


Sophie was Joshua Matthews' campus adviser and guide of the NYU area when he attended the NYU pre-college program the summer between his junior and senior year. He developed a crush on her the few days they were together, but when he asked her out, she ultimately turned him down. Not much is known about her character, other than being a campus adviser and student at NYU.


Not much is known about Sophie or her personality, since we only see her in two scenes, both of which she is working and playing nice. She states that it's "her job to be nice to high school students", and it is unknown how she acts around others.


  • Joshua Matthews -- Sophie is Joshua's guide, but he soon develops a crush on her. At the end of the tour, Josh tries to ask her out, only to be rejected, leaving him confused because 'she smiled a lot.' She tells him it was her job to be nice to high school kids and she's too old for him, as they are three years apart (the same thing he tells Maya).


I'm going to be a junior, junior. I've got a few years on you.
—Sophie to Josh


  • She is played by Samantha Boscarino.
  • Samantha was also on the Disney show Good Luck Charlie, as Skyler, which exists in the same canon universe as Girl Meets World.



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