Topanga: Between the two us, Riley and I have 1,260 'A's. Ha!
Stuart: That's remarkable, Topanga. Between the two of us, Farkle and I have 1,261.

Stuart and Topanga is the frenemy relationship between Stuart Minkus and Topanga Matthews, which began in Boy Meets World (when she was Topanga Lawrence) and has continued into Girl Meets World.



Boy Meets World

Stuart Minkus openly stated his crush on Topanga Lawrence throughout their time attending Jefferson Elementary School, but she never returned any of his feelings for her, although she was among the few who ever called him by his first name.  They generally shared the same friends who were branded into the (anti) social group occupying the so-called "Weirdo Table" in the cafeteria.  In class, they were often project partners.  They ultimately began drifting apart once Topanga and Cory Matthews began to reconnect.  Thus, they rarely interacted while attending John Adams High.  During their Senior year, their educational rivalry became evident while they were competing for the position of class valedictorian.  Minkus warned Cory that Topanga was an evil evil little girl, which Cory agreed to in principle, but didn't particularly care.  Topanga ultimately bested Minkus by earning 700 'A's due to the extra assignment Mr.Feeny had previously only given to Shawn, Cory, and herself (in the BMW episode  "The Eskimo"). Yet they still embraced, after receiving their diplomas during the graduation ceremony.  Minutes later, he was only a few mere inches away, when Topanga asked Cory to marry her, but it is uncertain if Minkus overheard the proposal.

Girl Meets World

Season 1

Girl Meets Maya's Mother


Of course I am Stuart. I mean, you are almost as smart as me.
—Topanga to Stuart (Girl Meets Farkle)

Similarities and Differences


  • Both counted their A's.
  • Both attended Jefferson Elementary,and John Adams High.
  • They both wanted to become valedictorian of their graduating class.


  • She was successful in becoming valedictorian, Minkus was not.
  • Topanga is female while Stuart is male.


  • It would seem that Topanga was the only student who called Stuart by his first name, while Cory and Shawn referred to him as "Minkus" every time that they spoke to him, even in Girl Meets World.


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